Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites: Happy November Edition!

Happy November! 

We love November around here! At least mama does. =) We wrap up soccer, things finally slow down, and we kick off the most wonderful time of the year. It's just one of my favorites! I can't believe it's already here!! I mean how are we this close to the end of the year?? Still, I'm looking forward to this month and season so, so much. 

Here's a look at our faves from the first week of November...

*Even though Halloween isn't in November this was a huge favorite to kick off our week and the holiday season. Trick or treating with these 4 was the BEST. I loved every single second. Work out and all. =)

*We managed to squeeze in Game Night this week with Skip Bo! Thankfully we remembered how to play because I think it had been months since pulled this one out. It was a fun, pre-bedtime treat for us all. 

*On Tuesday I kept the boys home from school because they've all been a little under the weather (and still are... boo) so we read all of our favorite Halloween books together one more time and then put them away and pulled out our stash of Thanksgiving books! Getting out new holiday themed books is always a big favorite. =) 

*Even though it hasn't felt much like November so far because of the warm temps in the afternoon, it's definitely looking like November. Yay. The short ride from our house in to town or taking the boys to school is soo pretty and colorful. And I'm loving my backyard view. The pictures don't really do the colors and view justice but I couldn't resist making a couple. 

*I just love Fall. And the fact that a cold front is supposed to be coming!!

*My littlest man has probably felt the worst this week. We haven't had any fevers or anything super serious going on just some coughing and colds or allergies. It hasn't kept him down much but one day he did actually asked to lay on the couch to watch a show and he watched almost 2 full shows just like this. It was a record! He was so sweet while he watched Sophia. =) 

*This week I pulled out my favorite little Thanksgiving craft of Garrison's...

His little hand print turkey he made in PreK! The year was 2013 and I was teaching preschool, taking the big boys to school with me, and great with child. Haha. It was a special school year for us and I love that I have a place to display his little decoration. =) 

*Wednesday night we let all the boys stay up a little later to watch the start of the Hawks game AND Game 7 of the World Series. We are a sports loving family and having everybody watch together was my favorite. (By the way... I think that World Series goes down in history as one of the best ever. I felt terrible that somebody had to lose. But yay for the Cubs!!) 

*Last night we watched this guy play in his last soccer game of the season. He had a great season and led his team to an undefeated record!! We have LOVED watching him play. He is competitive and serious about the game but also hilarious with his quiet little celebrations and victory moves. Yay for a fun season and yay for a break to start after Garrison's game on Saturday!! =)  

We're looking forward to our weekend lots! We're kicking things off this afternoon as soon as mama gets off. =) This weekend we're wrapping up Garrison's soccer season and heading to celebrate our niece's 6th birthday. Plus enjoying some down time too and *hopefully* getting everyone well. Happy November and Happy Friday!!

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