Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites: It's Almost Thanksgiving Break Edition

Thanksgiving Break is almost here! Yay!!! We love and appreciate our school breaks sooo much and are super excited to welcome the break this afternoon. =) 

This week has been a busy one! I worked several days, Bailey got sick, I had a couple of meetings/appointments... so basically it's been a bit of a whirlwind. And I still don't have my Christmas decorations out and I still haven't started shopping!! Ahhhhh. This is not like me. For some reason I'm way behind this year. But we have a game plan and will hopefully get on track this weekend. I'm determined. I'm motivated. Where there's a will there's a way! Ha. I sure hope so!

Here's a look at my faves from the week...

*Monday morning alphabet puzzles with my favorite 2 year old. This was before having to head into work. My time at home with him is becoming even more treasured the busier I am. 

*Monday afternoon basketball with my loves. These 3 were chomping at the bit to play Monday after school. The second we were done with homework they bolted. =) I think it's safe to say the new basketball goal is a HUGE hit. PS... Layton loves it just as much as his big brothers but because daddy is the only one who can give him a turn to shoot, he plays with our mini goal until daddy is home and available. 

*We finally managed to fit in another Game Night and we had SO. MUCH. FUN! Layton asked to play Zingo and he was able to play and participate and even win! He just matched up the pictures and followed the rules and did awesome. We had the best time together.

And it was so laid back because we could play early and play more than once. #offseasonperks

This may have happened a few times too. Haha.

*Wednesday I had to work half a day and my wonderful hubby surprised me with a lunch date. I picked up my littlest man and we enjoyed a rare lunch date with daddy. It was a big favorite this week.

*Layton's big boy bed is built and just needs finishing!! We are so excited! It's the same design and style from Pottery Barn Kids as the big boys (except it isn't bunk beds) and Terrell's dad is working hard to have it finished by Christmas. How blessed are we to have Pops building another bed for us?! We can't wait for Layton to have a big boy bed and room!!

*Last night Garrison's soccer team had their end of season party. This was our table. =)

*We had a great season and enjoyed celebrating with everybody last night. We loved this team.

*The boys just started a brand new chore that is mama's favorite. Every morning after breakfast they sweep up their own crumbs!! The crumb count around here is HIGH and under the bar after breakfast is terrible. So Terrell decided to have them start sweeping it up themselves so they'd hopefully be a little more careful while eating. They don't get every single crumb and it isn't perfect, but they're getting better, using teamwork, and it's a huge help. So I'm loving it. =)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Watching an old, antique buffet I bought for our dining room be transformed by my mom.... the furniture restoration expert. Haha. She's painted and updated a few pieces of furniture in the past and now she's adding my buffet to her list. I'm so excited to have it finished and in my dining room soon!

This weekend we don't have any plans! Which means we're planning to pack up Fall and pull out Christmas. =) Plus we're going to get a start on Christmas shopping. We're looking forward to a very productive but laid back weekend. Happy Friday and Happy Thanksgiving Break!!

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