Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend Fun

We had such a great weekend. It was so fun and so good for us after a crazy long week. Most of all we were thankful to have daddy home and everyone under the same roof again. I didn't make a ton of pictures but still wanted to document our weekend. Simple, special, and fun sums it up.

Friday evening we all ate a big home cooked meal together before getting everyone in pjs and settling in for movie night. A Bug's Life was so cute! I loved hanging out and watching a good movie with my guys. #Fridaynightsarethebest

Saturday morning was all about cleaning and party prep. Terrell worked in the yard all morning while I worked inside. The boys played, got in the way,watched shows, got in fights, played some more, and then I put them to work. Ha. I love that hosting a get together means getting things done that you've put off or just haven't had a chance to do. I think our house and yard appreciated Saturday morning. =)

On Saturday afternoon we hosted a Georgia party! It was soo fun!! We decided around the beginning of Fall that we really wanted to host one and decided to invite my side of the family because we had yet to host them at our house without it being a birthday party or housewarming party. We are super close knit and get together often but for some reason it hadn't worked out for us to host just them. So the date was set and the 3:30 game time worked out perfect. 

Ready for company and to cheer on our Bulldogs!

Terrell got an aerial view of our spread. Haha. Everything was soo good! Appetizer foods are some of our favorites!!

Other than the boys getting a little wild and loud a few times, our little party was perfect. AND, we pulled off the upset over Auburn!! Even though half of my side of the fam aren't even Georgia fans (hahaha), everybody loves college football and I think pretty much everybody was fine with Auburn losing. =) We had so much fun together. 

Saturday night we also pulled out our brand new matching Christmas pjs! Thanks Granna!! We were all pretty excited about the cold front. =)

Sunday morning Garrison and I went to church super early because his choir sang in the 1st service. (Terrell came later with Austin and Layton and was able to hear him sing in a different service.) The lyrics to their little song was precious. Love our music ministry so much!

Sunday afternoon we came home and ate lunch, Layton napped, I did laundry, and Terrell and his dad worked hard all afternoon on getting Austin's basketball goal assembled and ready for action. Terrell's parents got Austin a real basketball goal for his birthday and Sunday they were able to get it up and running. 3 boys I know were THRILLED. And it was super cold on Sunday! Yay!! Not the best working conditions, but we are excited about the potential for cold this holiday season!

They had the best time and are loving their newest toy. 

Sunday evening after baths, bedtime, and school night prep of making lunches, laying out clothes, etc, Terrell and I finally got to watch Blindspot together. It's one of our faves and I didn't watch any shows while he was out of town so we were ready. It was the perfect wrap up to our weekend. =)

Plus I had to check out the super moon before bed. It was overcast but still soo bright. God's creation is so impressive. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

We enjoyed our weekend lots and now we're in full swing of a busy week. I'm working quite a bit but our evenings are free and we are soo thankful for this off season. Plus counting down to Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas and enjoying the fun of the holiday season. =)

Have a great Tuesday!!

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