Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Day in the Life of Us

Yesterday I chronicled the events of our day. Our highs and lows, ups and downs. While it wasn't super exciting it was a pretty typical summer day for us, the kind I want to always remember. And since I haven't done one of these posts since October, it was time!
Here's what our day looked like yesterday:
I woke up a little before 6:00 and got dressed, had my quiet time, and went through pictures to use at Austin's birthday party all before the babies woke up. I like having a little me time before the day gets started and I'm also trying to keep my body used to an early wake up call so it's not such a shock and adjustment when school starts back.
Both boys starting calling for me around 7:30 and so began our day. =)
The boys had a muffin and cereal for breakfast and then had lots of playtime while I cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, started a load of laundry, ironed my clothes, and made up our bed. Most mornings they play really good together while I take care of chores around the house.

Sometime after their pretty long stretch of pushing dump trucks around the house and working at the tool table, things went downhill. Fast. It started with a little scuffle and then before I knew it one boy was crying and one boy was headed to time-out. Sigh.

This was my cue to get everyone ready so we could get out of the house and do something fun. Unfortunately, the fighting continued while we got ready and up until the second before getting into the car. It just about made me crazy (especially since the morning started so promising), but thankfully the car ride to drop off library books and then to Chuck E. Cheese was peaceful!
In the past, Austin hasn't been a huge fan of anything Chuck E. Cheese offers. He usually strolls around and watches Garrison and that's kept him entertained and happy during our visits. Yesterday, however, we turned a new leaf. My baby boy got brave and rode rides and followed Garrison around and played games and everything. Yay!!

Garrison helped him with the horse ride. You can tell by the look on his face how excited he was. This was his first ride so he was very apprehensive. He stuck it out though! I was so proud. =)

They had so much and we made perfect timing because we used our last token as a big daycare group came in.

As soon as we got home around 11:30 I thew clothes in the dryer and tried to stall the boys so we wouldn't have such an early lunch. After a little crankiness it was finally time to have lunch. =)

After lunch they seemed to pick up where they left off this morning. They just could not get along. Needless to say, naptime started early. I put Austin to bed right at 1:00 and then Garrison watched an episode of Pioneer Woman (my big boy has tons and tons of things he wants me to cook for him now =)) before heading back to his room for his quiet time.

Then mama worked on more pictures for the birthday party and layed down on the couch where I was able to take a little nap... something I'm trying my best to take advantage of during summer naptime for the boys. Once the school year gets started I have a feeling naps for me will be very few and far between.

Garrison came out of his room a few times to ask me a question or tell me something so I was interrupted a lot it seemed. It's crazy how some days he's content and perfectly occupied/entertained in his room the entire time and some days he's just bored and in and out the whole time.

Terrell was able to get off work a little early yesterday (yay!) and he was just in time for snack time. We all enjoyed a yummy summer treat before surprising the boys with a trip to the pool.
They played and played at the splash fountain/pad and eventually went swimming in the pool. Unfortunately we had a little poolside drama because Garrison out of the blue became afraid to swim. It was SO frustrating. We definitely see another round of swim lessons coming next summer. He was doing so good and all of a sudden he just wants to hang out on the steps or by the side. Before we came home he did swim it was just a big, LONG battle. But we were so proud and relieved once he finally did it!

We got home just in time to change into dry clothes and cook supper. The boys went out while daddy grilled and then we had a yummy supper of grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and green beans. After supper the boys went back outside for a little bit. It has been so nice having somewhat bearable temperatures in July. Normally we can't even go out at all in July so this summer's cooler temps have been a huge blessing.
After a little more play time outside it was time for baths and bed. Austin is making progress slowly but surely. Praise the Lord! We still have crying and still have to go back in his room after leaving the first time, BUT, the crying isn't as "severe" and he's now usually asleep by 8:00 versus 9:00. We still have a ways to go but are super grateful for progress!

We had a really normal but lot of fun day. I'm especially thankful I have this blog to record and keep our memories... even the ones that are just regular ole days. Hopefully the next "day in the life" post I do will be sooner than 9 months away!

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