Monday, July 15, 2013

Happenings Lately

*On Saturday we traveled to Cartersville to celebrate Terrell's Granny's 91st birthday. We had a lot of fun! We went to a local park and had such a good time playing with cousins and celebrating with Granny. We all crashed when we got home. Except for Ausitn. He was going strong after his nap in the car. He just ran circles around the 3 of us who were worn out. =)

*After my update about the paci and how things have been going since doing away with it...we haven't made much progress. Hardly any. So sad. Naptime seems to be a little easier/better most days, but bedtime is still a battle of tantrums, crying, and going in and out of his room many times every single night. Boo! I know it's just a phase, it's temporary, won't last forever... but it's still tough going through it. Don't get me wrong, we know it could be worse. We are extremely thankful that he's falling alseep by 9:00 every night and that he's sleeping all night. It's just heartbreaking having him cry and struggle with falling asleep/going to bed every night. Maybe we'll turn a corner soon. I'm definitely going to start praying about it before we even go in his room to start our nightly routine.

*Party planning is in full swing for Austin's 2nd birthday. I've made a few small purchases already and we're in the process of finalizing the menu and picking out the cake. Making progress feels good! The new school year is fast approaching so I'm trying my best to get the major stuff done before all the craziness begins.

*Yesterday we visited a new church. If you don't know the story of our church situation I'll try to fill you in real fast...

We are still members of our hometown church, FBC Barnesville. For the entire 8 years we've been married we've been pretty regular attenders at our home church. We love it there, and so do our kids. It's always worked out for us to go there multiple times a month because we go home a LOT. For holidays, birthdays, get-togethers, etc. And in the past, everytime we went home we spent the night and went to church too. So we've technically never found a church home away from home. We've visited churches here in Covington and had stretches of feeling like we had a church "here" but it's always been temporary and it's never felt like our church.

Long story short, we KNOW we need a church home here. A new church. (Gulp.) We know God has us here for now (obviously) and this is where he wants us to worship and serve. We've fought it for years (8 to be exact) and struggled with the decision of what to do and have honestly questioned God because how could He want us to go to church HERE every Sunday when we have a church we love and want to attend that's an hour away? But we've both been convicted and know this is what we have to do... so this summer we started back visiting churches here. And it's never easy visiting new churches.

Yesterday was no different. Both of my boys cried (and Garrison never does). It broke my heart. We've committed to going back at least one more Sunday but it's so hard when your baby doesn't want to... when he's asked to go back to a different church. Ahhhh. All we can do is pray about it. We can't figure it out on our own or analyze or critique or obsess. God knows where we're supposed to be so we have to seek Him on this instead of taking matters into our own hands... which is very tempting. Please pray for us. It's a big decision but it's time.

*Yesterday we also visited the pool. Yay! Our first visit since before vacation. The rain and our schedule (but mostly the rain) has kept us away a lot. Garrison has been asking to go to the pool almost everyday since getting home from vacation so we finally went yesterday after naptime... only to have it start raining the second we arrived. Talk about disappointing. But, we waited it out and once it slowed to an almost nonexistant sprinkle, we went swimming! The boys loved it and Garrison got to practice his swimming skills. He's doing better and better. We stayed until supper time and made the most of the sunshine.

*I think that's all for now. Happy Monday!

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