Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Birthday, Church, and the Park

We had a really great weekend. We celebrated my sister's birthday on Saturday (today is her actual birthday... hope you have a great day AnAn!!) by spending the day in the hometown and then going out to eat on Saturday night and enjoying a wonderfully delicious meal. Yum!! AND, besides celebrating my sister's birthday, we were able to celebrate enjoying a drama-free meal with our second born!! It felt like a miracle. We were sooooo proud and thankful for our normal, peaceful meal. It was wonderful! =)

We came home Saturday night so we could be sure to go to church here on Sunday morning. We are trying to finally be grown ups and find our own church. =) And let me tell you, it is WAY tempting to just find a way to go to church in B'ville when we know we're gonna be there for something. But we've made a commitment that we're trying really hard to keep.

Garrison still had a little anxiety about visiting this "new" church but afterwards decided he loved it and had the best time. That was definitely a blessing. I don't think any parent ever wants to feel like they drop their kids off somewhere to NOT have a good time.

Terrell and I however left the service feeling like this particular church is not where God wants us. While we are trying really, really hard not to be so picky this go-round, because we know there are no perfect churches, we both left feeling as though it's clear we should return to the church we've visited here off and on since we moved here. We don't want to confuse our kids by going to several different churches so we've made a final decision to return to visiting this church long-term and to even try Sunday School. Gasp! Such a big step. We're both nervous but it's time to take the plunge. We've got to do it sooner or later!

Yesterday the boys and I had a fun and laid back day. We visited a new park that's about 20 minutes away but the boys both loved it. Austin didn't slide or swing but he played a lot and had fun. Then we enjoyed a snack in the car on the way home. It was a great morning.

Yesterday afternoon went really well too. We didn't even have our typical wild and crazy late afternoon. The boys were fairly laid back and low-key almost all day. They even went to bed early! Yesterday was definitely a blessing. I wasn't quite ready to jump back into our week-day routine but having a fun and somewhat easy day made things way better!

Today we're off to run a few errands and then we're enjoying a lunch date for Taco Tuesday at one of our fave Mexican restaurants. Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday AnAn!!!

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