Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Vacation: Day 4

Tuesday, Day 4, gets a post all by itself. This was my favorite day. The weather was beautiful, the day was long, the food was yummy, and lots of pictures were made. Lots and lots. I think everybody enjoyed every second of Tuesday. It was bliss. Except for when my baby decided to show out at Angelo's. That part wasn't bliss. That part was stressful. Who knew baby boy was opposed to high chairs and remaining seated at restaurants? When did that happen? Oh well, we survived and made the best of it so I guess that's all that matters.

*Just in case you can't tell the small pics are from my phone and the large ones are from my real camera.

Anyway, moving on to the recap...

1. We went out bright and early Tuesday morning so we could make the most of our best day weather-wise. It was glorious.

2. Our tent was damaged... but fixable after the trip. On Tuesday it was sort of pitiful but still did it's job and kept us shaded.

3. Austin still wasn't a fan of the ocean but he absolutely loved playing in the sand. Garrison loved playing in the sand and the ocean.

4. The waves continued to be a little rough. One wave was so big I couldn't escape being knocked over by it... and I lost my sunglasses. It was a bummer.

5. We filled up buckets of water for the boys to play with. Big hit.

6. The boys snacked on the beach.

7. Garrison and Granna found lots and lots of seashells.

8. A very impressive tunnel was added to the sand castle.

9. After lunch Austin napped on the beach. Yay!!

10. Garrison went back to the pool. I know I don't have any pictures to prove it but my big boy spent quite a bit of time in the pool during our vacay.

11. Austin was officially a mama's boy the whole trip. He loved on AnAn lots too but there were times he wanted me and only me and let everyone know it... which made things a little crazy.

12. After everyone got ready Tuesday afternoon we had a family photo shoot on the beach. It went really well and below are the best of the best. =)

13. Garrison was so tired and worn out he fell asleep in the car on the way to Angelo's. He liked that I made his picture while he was sleeping.

14. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Angelo's. Austin was a wild man and super high maintenance but we managed and everyone got to eat!

15. After supper we traded cars with my parents and they took the boys home while we went out on a double date with Anna and Frankie. The Maze and putt putt were lots of fun. I felt like a night owl. It was a miracle.

16. Tuesday was full of fun in the sun and great memories. Definitely my favorite.

Two recaps down... at least 1 more to go!

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