Monday, July 29, 2013


Saturday we planned a family fun day at Legoland! One of my favorite things ever is family outings that include all of us and are super fun for the boys... but the cost of those outings can add up fast so for us they're a really special treat. We decided this trip would be our last big outing of the summer before school starts and we get back into the swing of things. And it was a big hit!

Austin was very apprehensive at first and cried a little off and on but once he got used to the noise and excitment and accepted that he was safe, he was fine and had a ball.

Since we'd never been we weren't sure what to expect other than what we'd seen online so at first I was a little disappointed. It's a discovery center versus a mini indoor amusement park like I was expecting. For some reason after reading about everything they offered that was what I was picturing. Turned out, it's a big play area full of legos that offers one ride and one 4-D show. Once the kids got into it, they played and played and absolutely loved it and didn't want to leave. Success!!

One of Garrison's favorite things to do was to build a racecar and then test it out on the track. He did this over and over again.

Austin raced cars too, he just had a different approach.
After racing cars and building with legos we decided to go ahead and see the 4-D show. Austin Selph was NOT a fan. Bless his heart. (And the peoples' hearts who had to listen to him) Thankfully the pictures on our phones distracted him enough that he wasn't crying and terrified throughout the entire show. Garrison LOVED it... evidence below. =)
After the show Terrell and Garrison got in line for the ride while I followed Austin around and let him do and play with whatever he wanted.
Go time!
Action shot...
After the ride we let the boys go into the play area. This might have been their favorite part. They had so much fun building and playing together. And Garrison loved the "wrecking ball"! He did this at least 5 times and every time his face looked terrified and then thrilled. It was so funny. 
I can't get enough of Austin's "cheese" face. =)
Terrell made this picture of us while him and Garrison were waiting for their ride to take off. Proof I was there!
It was a really fun outing and hopefully we'll be able to go back in the future... and maybe Austin can even enjoy the show.
Church update: After last Sunday we made the decision to return to visiting the church we've visited here off and on for years. We really felt God leading us back there and we honestly just felt more comfortable there... but they don't have a preacher right now. And it's so hard trying to find a church home in a church that's right smack dab in the middle of transition and a pastor search. Sooo, my mom encouraged us to go ahead and try Sunday School... a place where we could meet people and possibly form friendships while the church is in this transition phase. It wasn't easy, but we went for it on yesterday... and loved it! Terrell and I both left church Sunday feeling like this is the place God wants us. For the first time in years (or maybe ever since visiting churches) we felt confident. Such a good feeling! And going to Sunday School is what did it for us. We are praising God for this answered prayer.
It's bittersweet because we do miss our church in Barnesville and while we'll definitely be there for holidays and special occassions, we won't be there on a regular basis anymore. Boohoo! It also means changes for going "home". We've made a commitment to be here in Covington as much as possible on Sundays so we truly have our own church here... which means spending the night in B'ville way less. In fact, it will be pretty rare for us to spend the night unless it's a holiday or possibly a Friday night.
We've made some tough changes but they're changes we've felt led to make for a while now and that we feel confident about now that we've followed through. Soo, that's where things stand. God has been so, so patient with us as we've made excuses and dragged our feet and pouted over not living in Barnesville and not being able to go to FBC Barnesville all the time. Now we're praying his blessings on our new adventures here... in a new church with new friends and a new church family. Gulp. 

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Lauren & Eddie said...

I am way behind on commenting! Legoland looks like lots of fun! Good for you on the church search. We spent a lot of time feeling like we weren't getting much out of churches when we moved to a new town five years ago. When we joined a Sunday School class it made SUCH a difference!