Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Vacation: Days 1-3

We are home resting and recovering from our week of fun in the sun (and rain) at Panama City Beach... technically Laguna Beach. We loved our condo, loved our time at the beach, and loved our week off with family. It was full of adventure and excitement with a little laziness and drama mixed in. Now it's time to recap while the memories are fresh! Here goes...

Day 1

1. We had a great trip down last Saturday. We made good time and the boys did really well. Their goodie bags were a big hit and everything about our trip went really smoothly. We were super thankful!

2. Once we arrived and got unpacked and settled in our condo/townhome, we went out to the beach for a while. Garrison was in heaven and loving every second while Austin was SO funny getting used to the sand. He mouth stayed wide open the whole time we were out our first day. He didn't know what to think about walking on the sand. I loved watching his expression and how careful he was when he walked. It was precious.

3. Garrison immediately got his feet wet and wanted a closer look at the ocean (excuse my thumb in the picture) while Austin decided he wasn't a huge fan. I think the sound of the ocean scared him. He decided to hang out with Granna and take in the view instead.

4. We stayed in and ate homemade barbeque my mom made on Saturday night. And everyone went to bed without any issues. Yay for a great first day!!

Day 2
1. Sunday was a little rainy off and on but we still got in a lot of time at the beach and pool. The boys loved playing in the sand together and our prediction about our time at the beach being easier and more laid back this year was confirmed. Much easier. Yay!
2. Austin decided to taste the sand.... annnnd, he thought it was gross. Bless his heart. He had just had some delicious grits that morning and we think that's what he was thinking about when he gave the sand a little taste. Thankfully that was the one and only time he put sand in his mouth the entire week.
3. It was rainy during naptime so we hung out inside while Austin napped before going back out to the pool that afternoon. Garrison loved the pool and Austin had a pretty fun time too.
4. We stayed out late swimming and having fun before eating spaghetti at the condo that night. Delish!

Day 3
1. Monday was our first really, really nice day. The weather was great all day except for a crazy, windy storm that came through during lunch time and almost detroyed our tent. Thankfully the storm only lasted about an hour before it was pretty again, so we made the most of our day. We even pulled out our fancy camera.
2. This was the first day we felt comfortable enough for Garrison to get in the ocean. We had huge waves all week so we had to be careful about taking him in the water. He was skeptical at first but after overcoming his fear and getting in that very first time he loved it and got back in multiple times throughout the week.
3. The boys played baseball on the beach and had so much fun... and looked adorable. =)
4. Garrison and Frankie made a super cool sand castle. They worked on it and added to it just about every day.
5. I stayed in with Austin during naptime Monday afternoon and once everyone was in and ready we went out to eat at Sharky's. It was our first visit to Sharky's and it was a big hit! I think we'll definitely go back.
6. After Sharky's we made our annual trip to Salty Dog for t-shirts.
7. After we got the boys to bed Terrell and I went for a walk on the beach. =)

Yay for a great start to our trip... Recap #2 coming soon!

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