Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Fun

Saturday was a fun, laid back day for the Selph household. Terrell and I slept until the little man woke us up and then we took our time with breakfast and getting ready before doing some much needed laundry and cleaning of the bathrooms. (HUGE thanks to my sweet husband for cleaning the bathrooms and toilets!! Bathrooms and toilets have to be my absolute least favorite places/things to clean ever!) Garrison was Terrell's shadow all morning long. It was so sweet how he just couldn't get enough of his daddy. After finishing up some chores and having some play time with the little man, Garrison and I started our yummy Easter project... Oreo Balls, "Easter-style". This was sort of a trial run because it was my first time making them and I wanted them to have an Easter theme so I was testing out food coloring. But they turned out pretty good and definitely yummy!

The first step is to crush an entire package of oreo cookies. Garrison enjoyed putting them in the food processor for me and listening to the loud noise it made.

When he could resist temptation no more, he had to take a break and eat one of the oreos. In the meantime, I mixed the crushed oreos with softened cream cheese.

Then, it was time to roll the oreo/cream cheese mixture into balls (or eggs I attempted to do) Garrison loved this part and did a really good job!

After we had a cookie sheet covered with oreo "eggs" we placed them in the refrigerator for about an hour to stiffen up and the little man took a nap. While he was still asleep, I melted white chocolate and added pastel food coloring to it and dipped the oreos in the white chocolate and attempted to decorate them. I actually didn't have enough white chocolate to completely dip all 22 oreo eggs, so I had to improvise with the last 5. They didn't turn out very pretty (hence the reason there's no "final product" picture) but it was a trial run and they did taste great so it was semi-successful I guess. The little man and I will be making our second batch at the end of the week to take to Barnesville for Easter festivities.

Later Saturday afternoon, AnAn came over for a visit. It made Garrison's day! He showed her his new room and served her a picnic lunch at his table. They ate corn and mac and cheese with lots of ketchup. After he sat down in his chair and I pushed him up to the table, he immediately said, "Mama push AnAn up too". It was hilarious. Anna and I busted out laughing. I then explained that AnAn could push herself up to the table. =)

After their picnic, we all got ready and went out to eat at Pacho's and then out for ice cream at Baskin Robins. Everything was delicious and it was a special treat to have AnAn over for a while. I know Garrison enjoyed every minute. He was so excited to have company and officially became AnAn's shadow while she was here. =) We had a great Saturday and were so thankful for such an uneventful, low-key day.


Sneak Peek at the little man's Easter goodies. I figured when we make pictures of him going through everything Sunday you won't be able to see it all. He's getting 2 new sippy cups, a Cars flashlight, a pack of HotWheels, a new Elmo book, 2 books for the bath tub, a book of stickers, a bubble wand for big bubbles, a regular bottle of bubbles, and a few plastic eggs filled with sweet treats. Plus a new Easter bucket that we found on Esty for $17 (definitely beats almost $50 at Pottery Barn), and the girl who made it lives in Covington! I can't wait for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunts. He can walk this year so he gets to participate in two, one at school and one at church! Lots of pictures to come. =)

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