Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Garrison's 1st Two Easters

I forgot to include these pictures yesterday and since I didn't start blogging until after Easter last year, I wanted to make sure to include pictures from Garrison's 1st two Easters so they would be here to look back at.

Garrison was 8 weeks old his 1st Easter

Last Easter... Garrison was 14 months old. (Notice I wore the same dress last year as this year. I'm limited in my choices with my growing belly so I think I have a good excuse. ha!)

The little man still couldn't walk at Easter last year. He could hold your hand and walk for a while but wasn't walking on his own. Things have changed so much in a year!


Something else I forgot to write about and post pictures of: One of Garrison's new favorite things to do after supper every night is to go for a ride on daddy's back. He loves it and usually laughs the entire time or has his mouth wide open with the biggest smile on his face. Sometimes I get nervous watching them because I have a slight fear of him falling and us having to make a trip to the emergency room or something, but Terrell is careful with him and always catches him or pushes him back up if he starts sliding off. And, I have to say that right now Terrell is probably Garrison's favorite person. He asks for him every morning when I go in to get him up and is SO happy to see his daddy when he gets home from work. He still has his preferences with both of us and wants me to do certain things with him, but overall he can't get enough of daddy. =)

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