Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1st Easter Egg Hunt

Today was Garrison's very first Easter Egg Hunt! They had one at school for his class and of course I had to be there to witness it all, plus make pictures and help out if I needed to. (Another perk to staying home! I am so thankful I can experience all of his little firsts with him!) His teachers asked for a couple of volunteers to come about 15 minutes early to hide the eggs, so me and another mom did the honors. His teachers decided to have us hide empty plastic eggs and to put the filled eggs the parents sent in earlier inside their bags to go home. I thought that was a great idea. That way each child had the same amount of filled eggs and if anyone decided to open up the hidden eggs on the playground, candy wouldn't spill out everywhere and cause a distraction or disruption. Once everyone had their buckets and baskets ready, we lined them up and went outside to get started. I tried explaining everything to Garrison while we walked out and he seemed to sort of get it. I think he was more excited to be carrying his new bucket and getting to go outside than anything.

Garrison was one of the first 3 inside the gate to his playground so I immediately started telling him to look for eggs and put them in his bucket.

Found one!

Got another one!

Showing me all of his eggs. He was quite proud of those eggs. I think everyone found about 4 or 5. It was slow going for most of them... they just took their time and eventually picked up an egg or two.

Posing on the slide with his bucket of eggs

After they finished the egg hunt they stayed outside and played for about 15 minutes. Garrison loved that and even decided to give me a surprise inside his nice, clean bucket....

After discovering this lovely pile of dirt and mulch, mama took over the bucket and attempted to clean it out.

After seeing me take out the eggs and then empty his little surprise, he needed to perform a quick inspection to make sure the eggs were okay. Then he pretended to eat something out of the eggs. The little man is very sharp... he knew there was supposed to be a treat inside! ha!

The rest of the time outside was spent playing and having fun! He seemed to really enjoy the egg hunt and talked about it a lot on the way home from school. Now he gets to enjoy two more this weekend!

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