Monday, April 4, 2011

Granna's Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday in Barnesville with the family. We actually started the weekend getting ready for a yard sale at my parents' house scheduled for bright and early Saturday morning. So Friday night was spent pricing and setting up. This was our biggest yard sale ever (at least for Terrell and I). We couldn't believe how much we had to contribute. We've just reached a point of needing more room and we've been working hard to de-clutter and clean out the things we no longer want/need/use. The yard sale went great I thought and I know the little man had the best time playing outside. He woke up just as early as we did and was right in the middle of the setting-up process Saturday morning. He went inside to eat breakfast, but was right back out as soon as he finished. He rode his car around a good bit and then my grandparents and dad started planting flowers while we manned the yard sale. Garrison loved playing in the dirt. He was constantly shoveling and pouring and digging. By lunch time he was filthy and worn out. Thankfully, after lunch and a bath he took a really good nap. While Garrison napped, we cleaned up from the yard sale and all got ready to go out for Granna's birthday dinner. We went to Macon in hopes of eating at Outback (since that was my mom's first choice), but of course there was a party of 52 taking up half the restaurant and a couple of other large parties ahead of us. So... we ended up at Long Horn. Everything was great there and I definitely enjoyed my meal. =) I'm reaching a point of being constantly hungry I think. Hopefully Granna will get to go to Outback again soon. Here are a few pictures we made outside Long Horn.
Garrison and the birthday girl =)

Garrison and the girls Papa and Granna with Garrison PawPaw and Granny with Garrison
We got home past Garrison's bedtime that night so we decided to hold off on cake and ice cream and presents until the next day so the little man could particpate. Garrison had a great night Saturday and was ready for cinnamon rolls and church on Sunday morning.

(Just a note so I don't forget: Garrison cried for the first time ever when we left him in the nursery. He's never cried when we've left him anywhere. I literally can't remember a single time. He's been clingy before, maybe whiny, maybe looked a little sad, but never cried. Well Sunday morning he cried and pitiful, terrible cry. It was heartbreaking and a shock to my system because I'm sooo not used to that. Thankfully my mom waited outside the door to make sure he was okay so we could go ahead and go into church. He didn't cry very long, but we think we know what caused it. When we dropped him off there was only one other little girl in there, who started crying as soon as we walked in. It always bothers Garrison when someone else is crying. Plus the last time we went to church in Barnesville, my mom had to stay in the nursery so we're thinking he expected that again this time. Poor baby. I'm so glad it didn't last that long and that other little "classmates" showed up soon.... and that he was completely fine and happy when we picked him up.)

After church we went to Buckner's for a big birthday lunch. Of course it was delish and we ate too much. Again, not a problem for me these days.

Me and my little man... with Emma in the background.

After we got home from lunch we got ready to celebrate with cake, ice cream, and presents. We had been trying to practice the 'Happy Birthday' song with Garrison and he had already told Granna "Happy Day" more than once, so he was ready once we lit the candles and starting singing. And of course he got to help blow them out.

He loved Granna's cookie cake and ice cream!

After finishing our cake and ice cream we gave Granna her presents and cards. Garrison is now at the age where he wants to open all of that.

He even likes reading the cards....

After all the fun and excitement of Granna's birthday celebration (plus playing outside with Papa and watching Granna and AnAn play the Wii... Granna's birthday present) we headed over to Terrell's parents to see them for a little bit and have supper before going back to Covington. It didn't take Garrison long to fall asleep in the car so we rode him around to give him a quick nap before going to Nana and Pops'. He enjoyed lots of playtime there and then we had a light supper at Big Chic. Terrell and I shared a meal (I can't remember that happening before) and Garrison wasn't too interested in eating.... I think he was still full from cake and ice cream. We had a great weekend with family and hope Granna has a very "Happy Day!" today on her actual birthday. Now, we're getting ready for a long weekend trip to Gatlinburg with Terrell's side of the family. =) Yay for fun weekends!!

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