Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was filled with food, fun, family, and eggs. =) I think Garrison loved every minute of it. Just a warning... tons of pictures below!

Our weekend started bright and early Saturday morning when our clan got on the road to Barnesville in hopes of making it to the Easter egg hunt at church by 10:00. It was really foggy and wet and sort of chilly but the hunt went on as planned and Garrison found lots of eggs.

Garrison and Granna waiting to go outside for the egg hunt

The crew lining up and getting ready

The hunt begins....

Garrison found a bucket full of eggs and had lots of fun at his 2nd ever Easter egg hunt. He was in such a good mood he didn't even mind us taking tons of pictures afterwards.

Our family of 4

Both sets of grandparents decided to come to the egg hunt. I guess it was sort of a big deal. We thought so at least. =)

After leaving the egg hunt we went over to Terrell's parents' house to spend the day with them. Garrison had Easter goodies waiting on him at Nana and Pops'.

Flashlights were a big hit this year! He came away with 3 this weekend.

Opening an Elmo egg filled with stickers

After enjoying his Easter treats and having some play time, we all went to eat lunch and walk around town for the BBQ and Blues Festival. It actually turned out to be a really pretty day so we enjoyed walking around and being outside for a little while. That afternoon Garrison took a nap and had a snack and more play time before we left to go grill out with my parents for supper. We had a delicious dinner of steaks, baked potatoes, corn, and salad and sat out on the sun porch. The atmosphere sort of felt like summer. After dinner and giving Garrison his bath, he got to enjoy more Easter goodies. Oh my. Hopefully Garrison isn't too spoiled! As he gets older we just have to make sure he knows the meaning behind Easter and just how blessed he is.

Flashlight #2

Easter morning we woke rushing around and trying to make it out the door on time to church. We did pretty good, however, the Easter bunny couldn't come until after church. We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service at church and are so thankful to serve a risen Lord!

Our family picture after church

My handsome little man in his little man get-up

Garrison and AnAn

After church we gave Garrison his bucket of treats from the Easter bunny.

The Elmo book and sippy cups with straws appeared to be the biggest hits with bubbles as a close second

After Garrison went through his bucket we went to my Granny and PawPaw's house for Easter lunch. Garrison stayed outside on the swing with Terrell and Carter (or Meghan) while he waited to be called for lunch. I actually had to avoid the outside air as much as possible due to an unfortunate allergy attack on Sunday. It definitely put a damper on things for me but I most certainly enjoyed every bite of my lunch.

The food was about 2 minutes from being ready and these two were in a hunger daze as they waited.

Lunch was SO good. We tried to simplify everything for my Granny this year by having everyone bring something and by using paper plates, etc. It all turned out great and I think baby Selph enjoyed it too. I was able to eat way more than I thought I could! After cleaning up from lunch, we had my older cousins hide Easter eggs and then Carter and Garrison got to hunt them. Meghan was such a big help. She's like a little mama to him taking care of him and helping him with everything... and Garrison adores her.

Our Easter weekend was busy and filled with things to do from start to finish, but we are SO thankful that we can spend Easter with our families each year. Living in Covington and having to travel for every single holiday can wear on us sometimes and even cause us to feel sort of stressed out, but no matter what it's always worth it in the end. Family traditions are really important to us and we're so thankful that we've made these traditions a priority for our family.

"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!"

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