Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Weekend Celebrations

This weekend was a fun one! We enjoyed some big celebrations together and had a great time on our days off! 

Friday night we had leftovers for supper before cozy-ing up on the couch and watching Toy Story 2. Austin picked it out for us to watch and we hadn't seen it in a long time so we'd forgotten most of it. It was so good! We laughed a lot and had the perfect movie night. 

Saturday morning we slept in a little and then had a super lazy morning at home. The boys basically played with legos the whole morning. We need a whole 'nother box of the duplos! Once they all 3 start building something elaborate we run out fast! Ha. The big boys enjoy the smaller, more complex lego sets too but honestly they can't be as creative with those and make whatever they want. Duplos are still most popular at our house. They don't mind the duplo sets that make something specific but they really just love a whole box full of assorted ones to make whatever they want.

This was my devotion Saturday morning while the boys were busy playing. I needed this reminder and confirmation lots. I know I keep saying that I'm loving Jesus Always and my new First 5 app but seriously they are making a huge difference for me. I can't get enough! 

After a pretty scary tornado warning around lunch time in which we took cover in our basement (soo thankful we never had one touch down here but praying for those families in our state who were effected by the storms and tornadoes that came through) we ate lunch, had a short nap/rest time, and then made a quick trip to CFA to pick up a nugget tray for our upcoming Falcons party.

 Then it was time for my Nanny's birthday party. My parents hosted and we had a fun night celebrating with lots of family. She turned 82 and the boys loved helping her blow out 8 tens and 2 ones worth of candles on her cake. =)

I love this little series of pictures Terrell was able to get while they were blowing out candles together.

We are so thankful for her and the celebration of another birthday!!

Saturday night Terrell and I didn't sleep that great thanks to more storms... it was mainly just heavy rain and flashes of lightning that kept us up. Thankfully we didn't have any super severe weather. We went to church and the boys decided to help Terrell serve as greeters. We're training them to become gentlemen and they enjoyed greeting... saying good morning, opening doors, and offering handsome smiles. =) Meanwhile I got our preschool hall ready and I was actually able to rock babies with my bestie the whole morning! It was such a blessing to catch up with her!

We left church early to head home and get ready for our Falcons party! After our party last week and a Falcons victory Terrell declared everyone had to come back. Ha! So we hosted again and we all wore the same thing as the week before. You know, anything we can do to help out our team. =)

Since the game started around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon we went with appetizers so we could munch and graze throughout the game. Of course I could hardly eat anything until the 2nd half thanks to ALL THE NERVES. We had leftovers from my Nanny's party plus everybody brought something. It was all sooo good! I'm glad the Falcons were so dominant so I could relax and partake of all the deliciousness. =)

This was near the end of the game when we were all relaxed and just about ready to declare our Falcons officially Super Bowl bound!! (Don't you love our RISE UP decor? My parents got those over the weekend and there's one for each of the boys. Terrell decided to use them for decoration and they were perfect. =))

We had the best time cheering on our team and spending the afternoon and evening with our families! We are SO excited about watching them play in the Super Bowl!! And this year Super Bowl Sunday is on Garrison's birthday! So he'll get to have a special Super Bowl party as part of his celebration. 

Our weekend of celebrations mixed with down time was the best. We enjoyed every minute. Happy Tuesday!

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