Wednesday, January 4, 2017

In 2017

In 2017 we want to enjoy the present, focus on the now, and take one day at a time. It might be a lofty goal for this planner of a mama, but we're going to try. =)

I have been very guilty over the years of waiting for things to change or get better and therefore missing out on some of the present. Waiting to move (this one lasted YEARS), waiting for Terrell to get a better job, waiting for me to get a better (perfect, part-time job...still hasn't happened by the way), waiting for a better financial situation, waiting for our forever house, waiting to get past the stage of meltdowns, or craziness, or toddlers who are into everything, waiting to get past the current school year, waiting for the next break from school, waiting to wrap up our sports season. Waiting, waiting, and waiting. And sometimes, or even most times, during the waiting we're missing a little, or even a lot, of what's right in front of us and happening NOW.

And that's something I want to work on this year. Less waiting, or less focus on the waiting, and more enjoying the current, present, daily, right now. I want to be present with my children, present with my husband, present in each day because that's what I'm focused on and being intentional about enjoying.

Don't get me wrong, some seasons and stages being temporary are what gets me through them. It's encouraging to know and remember this too shall pass. I'm thankful for looking ahead and looking forward to better days or things. New things, good things. I love being hopeful about what God has in store and watching His plans unfold. Counting down, looking ahead, and planning aren't bad things. It's fun to look forward to school breaks, it's wonderful and I would even say needed to plan for fun things or new things for your family, marriage, career, or even your weekend. =) I like being prepared and having a plan. In fact I really love it. But when planning, looking ahead, and pining away for the new, better, next thing steals our joy in the present and our living in the present, we're missing out on what God has for us right now. The blessings, goodness, and divine appointments for today.

This year I want to do better enjoying and being content in and with the present. I know it's going to be way easier said than done. If I'm being honest I've already found myself counting down for something to be over that hasn't even (or may not even) happened yet! Ahhhh!! I think part of my struggle comes in being easily overwhelmed and waiting for things/seasons/stages to pass that are stressful or overwhelming for me.

But each day is a gift. Each day is filled with His grace and another opportunity to live and enjoy. After all, this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

 I love savoring the sweet times and have had many days and seasons I've been really intentional about soaking in and enjoying. But I'm pretty guilty of wishing away the challenging ones. Seasons that are stressful or crazy busy or just aren't my favorite are hard to enjoy. And hard to remain present in due to the stressing or always looking ahead part.

This year I'm going to try to do better taking one day at a time and really enjoying and focusing on the present.

And we've set a few goals for the year too. =)

*2017 Goals*

*Break things down. Terrell and I both want to do a better job with breaking things down and focusing on one day at a time. We're great about meal planning and I'm pretty good about keeping up with things on my calendar/planner, but sometimes that means looking way ahead and getting overwhelmed. This year the plan is to take a look at what we have coming up for the week (on Sunday afternoons or evenings more than likely) and then breaking everything down into one day at a time. Whatever needs to be done (errands, chores, etc) will be broken into days and we'll tackle it as a team. I'm not sure if this will effect meal planning or not because meal planning works amazing for us because it's predictable, planned, and means only 1 trip to the grocery store per week, BUT, during our sports seasons meal planning can be stressful and overwhelming because you don't know how, what, or when to feed everybody! Soo, we'll see how that goes. I think breaking things down will be really helpful for me so I'm hopeful it makes a big difference!

*More efficient evenings. School nights can be busy and exhausting for us (especially the nights before I have to work because there's more to prepare/get ready for, or the nights after I've worked because I'm worn out and moving in slow motion) so this year we're going to try a new approach. First of all, mama needs to be home in the evenings whenever possible. As much as I would love to attend and watch every practice my boys have and watch my husband coach and spend time with other moms/good friends, it just isn't best for us right now. We can't live at the recreation department. Ha. So me being home will be important. We also need to delegate a little more to the boys. The big boys especially need a little more responsibility in the evenings, whether it's sweeping crumbs, loading their plates and silverware in the dishwasher, bringing down their dirty clothes, etc. little things will hopefully be a big help. And last but not least, LUNCHES. Lunches (and snack prep on the nights before I work) keep me in the kitchen way too long every single school night. So a new and improved system is needed. Terrell and I are going to start to tag team and I will probably try to work on them immediately after supper when possible instead of after the boys are in bed (with Terrell's help whenever possible and we may even let the boys take on some lunch making responsibilities too) It will probably be trial and error for a while but I'm determined. 

*Eat More Energy Giving Foods. I'm tired of feeling tired and I'm tired a LOT. I'm also hungry a lot. So realistically for me this means eating a better breakfast (eggs some days, more whole grain cereal, bananas), and eating better snacks (apples, yogurt, almonds, peanut butter, fresh produce). I'll probably try to add more of these to my lunches too. I also want to drink more water during the day. I've been drinking water with lunch and supper for years and years but I want to start drinking it more when I'm feeling tired and sluggish. Also, exercise supposedly is an energy boost, so throwing in some exercise or just active living would be a good thing too. =)

*Continue Blogging. As I get busier and work more, it's harder to find the time and energy to blog. Blogging is one of my favorite things ever because I love to write and "journal" and keeping a family scrapbook is so special to me. Blogging for me is a hobby, it's something I enjoy, and it's some me time for me too. But, it's a commitment. And it's time consuming. However, for now, it's something that's important and priceless and more than worth it so I want to keep it up. I'm not sure what that will look like this year as I possibly start to work more and more, but I'm going to try to maintain it. The stories, memories, and pictures captured here are so special. They are priceless and something Terrell and I are especially thankful to have. So hopefully I can continue filling the scrapbook regularly this year.

Speaking of continuing... we want to continue game nights, movie nights, family meals, and any other kinds of quality family time this year. It's something we'll have to be intentional about during the busy seasons but something that's super important to us. We also want to continue our open door policy and move forward with pool plans. =)

We're covering this year in prayer and hopeful about what God has in store.

 Happy New Year!! Today we're back to school, tutoring, choir, and our regular routine. We sure did enjoy our break but we're hoping for a smooth transition back to the grind. Happy Hump Day!!

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