Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites: Party Prep Edition

This week shaped up to be super busy. We're in full blown party prep mode right now, plus we've had several errands and appointments we've squeezed in, along with a couple of meetings, along with me working on Wednesday... soo things have seemed a little, or make that a lot, hectic. Because you know what stresses me out when it comes to party prep and getting the house cleaned?? NOT BEING HOME. Sighhhhh. Thankfully we're making a little progress and Terrell Selph is awesome. =) Hopefully we'll be ready to party come tomorrow!

Here's a look at my favorite moments during our week of party prep...

*Probably my most favorite moment of the week came Sunday watching our Falcons play for the NFC Championship. And then celebrating the win and savoring the fact that we're Super Bowl bound!!! We are all so excited! #riseup

*I introduced my littlest man to The Letter Factory this week! I *think* Garrison got it for his birthday when he was 2 or 3 and it was a great supplement for me when I was teaching him letters and letter sounds. Then it was passed down to Austin, and now it's passed down to Layton. =) And he's a fan! Yay!!

*Zingo has been a big hit this week. We played as a family (or the boys played while mama put on pajamas and took a breather... and later joined the fun, ha, Layton played with Papa on the day I had to work, and then the boys all played with Nana one afternoon while I tutored.) I love how they're all on the edge of their seats ready to pounce even though you don't grab anything. Haha!

*After a full morning serving with the PTCO earlier this week I picked up Layton Thomas and he was ready for some quality time with me at the table. All of my boys have loved some good, structured table time. =) He chose his number boxes and we had a great time practicing a little one-to-one correspondence. (For future reference or for anyone who's interested we dump out all of the pom poms in a pile on the table first and then I arrange the boxes in order as shown, 1-5. Maybe one day I'll mix up the numbers but while he's still learning I'm going to keep them in order. Then I ask him to find ONE fuzzy orange ball and place it on top of the number 1. Then I ask him to find TWO fuzzy green balls and place them on top of the number 2, etc. until we're all done. Once the pom poms are in place as pictured, I let him count each one and place it in the box and put the top on. So he picks a color and then counts each one as he drops it in the box...if he goes too fast or miscounts then I have him start over.... and then I show him that number on the lid to reinforce that the amount he just counted equals the number shown, then he puts the top on. We do it until we've done them all and then we usually start over. =))

*Part of my party prep this week was finding some decor to "complete" my new buffet. I finally hit up Hobby Lobby when what I needed was half off, and I was able to use a gift card from Christmas! Mission accomplished!!

*I love the lantern and think it's the perfect addition. =)

*I was pretty torn about the tray but decided to go for it and at least try it out and it's starting to grow on me. 

*I wasn't confident it was the right fit at first, but after searching high and low for some things to go on it, I think it's come together pretty nicely. We keep extra frames that we use for birthday parties and such stored away in the playroom closet so I found a frame and one of my favorite pictures of us from the beach to go on top of my Bread and Wine book....a neat book about loving Jesus and loving life around the table... so perfect for our dining room. The candles and candle holders I've had for years. 

*We are almost ready to call this room DONE! Yay!! The only thing still missing is something to hang over the buffet. Slowly but surely it's changed from our most bare and bland room to one of our most inviting. I'm enjoying it lots. =)

*My mom sent me this picture of The Layton Express on yesterday. Hahaha! So adorable. The passengers are my favorite. =)

*Just me and my guys last night. Grace, grace, God's grace. Oh so thankful.

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Reading through the book of Joshua and each morning's devotional on my First 5 app. Is it possible I've never read through the whole book of Joshua? Never made it past chapter 1? There is so much to learn from it! When I think of the main characters of the Bible I usually overlook Joshua. Not anymore. Joshua the person, and Joshua the book have amazed me. I'm excited to keep reading and learning. 

Today is going to be another busy one. Buying groceries, picking up the cake, dusting, vacuuming, windex-ing, scrubbing, and decorating are all on the agenda. And tomorrow it's party time! We're super excited to celebrate with our biggest boy and friends!! Happy Friday!!

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