Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites: Short and Sweet Edition

This week has been short and sweet so my favorites are pretty short and sweet too. =) I feel like I'm still adjusting to the post Christmas Break back to school routine but hopefully I'll find my groove soon. I'm off to call out spelling words and make sure everybody is ready on time and then spending another day with my favorite PreK-er and his class. I'm super thankful I've been able to sub for both of my big boys' classes this year. They are both with super sweet groups and I'm extra grateful. =)

Here's a look at my short and sweet faves...

*Our long weekend was definitely a favorite. We loved our extra time together and our Falcons party was the best! So much fun!! We have another one coming Sunday afternoon and I hope we get to celebrate again!! #allthenerves 

*This little man had a TERRIBLE meltdown on Tuesday morning while we were getting ready to leave for some errands. It had to be his longest ever and I thought I might lose my mind and throw myself down with him. It was awful. Nothing helped, nothing worked, he couldn't decide what he wanted, he couldn't control all those emotions, he couldn't get calmed down, he couldn't STOP. Two and a half to three and a half has been when we've experienced "terrible twos" and meltdowns galore with all 3 boys. It's a trying stretch to say the least. But he finally went to sleep and my heart melted and I exhaled and enjoyed my favorite radio station. =) When he woke up he told me my nap feel me better. And all was well again. Being almost 3 is tough! =)

*Speaking of our almost 3 year old... He is in love with this batting helmet. He plays outside in it all the time... including off roading. =)

*Uno with my big boys while daddy put Layton to bed was pretty fun. We're trying to squeeze in some games with them too that require a little more thinking than Hungry, Hungry Hippo (Layton's current favorite). Haha. 

*I love this. We have some changes coming soon that have me a little (or a lot!) nervous and this was such a great reminder for me. I am loving both of my devotions so much. And being intentional about focusing on one day at a time has been very helpful!

*My little old men dressed up for the 100th day of school! You can't see the gray hairspray in Garrison's hair as good but we gave them gray hair, glasses, a cane, and pulled their pants up high to help them fit the part. Ha! There were tons of sweet 100 year olds roaming the school yesterday. So fun!

*This is hanging outside of Austin's classroom and totally cracks me up. He is so into the temperature and weather right now. He asks to see how many degrees it is on our phones all the time. He's now become the official weather reporter for his class. Haha!

*Last night Terrell had a dinner to attend so the boys and I were on our own for supper, bath time, and bedtime. I loved settling in with them before bedtime with a show. It was definitely one of my favorite moments of the week. 

Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Garrison's prayer/blessing before supper Wednesday night. It was so sincere, simple, and PRECIOUS. He thanked God for the good food his mama made and for his family and for loving us. It was so sweet.

We have a pretty fun weekend planned filled with family time, parties, and extra rest (always a weekend favorite)! Happy Friday!!

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