Monday, January 9, 2017

Our (No) Snowed-In Weekend

Well, we didn't get any snow over the weekend like we were so looking forward to all week. Snow Bust 2017. Boo!! We were all bummed and super disappointed. But we aren't giving up hope! We still have the whole Winter to go!!

Even though it didn't snow, it was still FREEZING cold and we'd prepared to stay in all weekend anyway... at first due to the 2-4 inches of snow that was originally predicted, and later due to temperatures and ice. So that's pretty much what we did. 

On Friday, Layton and I stayed home all day doing a little laundry, cleaning a little, and playing a ton of games. We played a record number of Don't Break the Ice and Hungry, Hungry Hippo. And as you can see, little man was ready for cold. He has been loving his gloves since the moment he heard it might snow. =)

Terrell brought home take-out for us for supper and then we all settled in for movie night. The boys got The Mighty Ducks for Christmas and it's one of mine and Terrell's favorites from our childhoods. It's a classic! I didn't remember to get a picture but we had a really fun movie night. Layton got a little tired of it during the second half but we made it through the whole movie with him. Popcorn and sitting in laps always helps. 

We slept in Saturday morning past 7. Woohoo! (The boys had already been warned we probably weren't getting any snow so thankfully they were too disappointed.) We made cinnamon rolls and had breakfast together before the boys started playing "hockey". Hahaha!! They went to the basement in socks and "skated" around with whatever they could find to use as hockey sticks and pucks. They had a ball! 

The rest of the day consisted of building with legos... LOTS. =)

Playing games...

Playing indoor basketball...

And of course watching our fair share of TV and spending some time on the iPad and kindle couldn't be avoided on a day spent at home without ever stepping outside. I was pretty lazy myself... I finally vacuumed and helped Terrell with some laundry but that was about it. I even took a nap! =)

We had chili and hot dogs for supper and then wrapped up the day with the boys watching football and with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Even Layton participated. 

It was pretty fun for everybody. =)

Once the boys were in bed, Terrell and I headed to the basement to watch our first grown-up movie in ages!  Terrell got a DVD player for the basement for Christmas and he also got the movie Jason Bourne. It was really good! Super intense with some pretty serious fight scenes and car chases, but it's rated PG-13 so it's fairly clean. Nothing super graphic. Yay. We both enjoyed it! And a grown-up movie night/date night at home might become a more regular thing. =) 

Sunday morning we woke up to even colder temps. Brrrrrrr. AND, multiple power outages. Thankfully the longest we went without power was about an hour. So we were able to manage getting ready for church on time. My boys were SO handsome in their new attire they got for Christmas. BE STILL MY HEART. I could've melted into a puddle right there in the driveway if I wasn't freezing into a block of ice. 

These boys of mine. #allthehearteyes

Then we got in a quick family selfie before hurrying to the warmth of the car. 

After a timely and much needed morning at church and SS, we were home again for the whole day. We had a pretty peaceful rest time for the whole fam while Layton napped and then the boys used some of their energy to race around the basement pushing their dump trucks under "tunnels". They were a total blur whizzing around. Haha. They had a ball and played soo good together. I can't even remember one fight or argument from yesterday. #allthepraisehands

Yesterday afternoon I went ahead and cooked our supper for tonight. And it makes so much that we'll be eating it twice this week! (It's Sour Cream Noodle Bake.... recipe by Pioneer Woman)

Last night we watched football and got the boys in bed a little early. We are all still adjusting to our new back to school schedule so we're trying to get everybody in bed a little earlier. Finally last night I think everybody was asleep well before 9. YAY. Terrell and I watched Hawaii Five-O and then Duck Dynasty together. I am going to miss the Robertson's so much! I just love them. 

Even though we missed the snow we were supposed to get big time, we still had a pretty great snowed-in weekend. I only felt cabin fever once that I can remember and we didn't go crazy from being stuck in the house together all weekend. 

This is our first full week back to school and I'll have my first days back to work of the new year this week. Praying we all handle it well and focus on and enjoy each day! Happy Monday!

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