Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Randoms

*Back to school and the routine is taking some adjusting... for mama. I feel like things are going so smoothly with our start to January and all of our little resolutions and goals, but I'm struggling a little. Sigh. Back to the routine (and work) is tough after a long break. I'm so glad it's just me though. The boys have picked up right where they left off. Yay.

*January for us is all about party planning.... for like every single day of the whole month. We almost have Garrison's party completely planned and we're getting close to having Layton's planned. Then we'll have to think about Valentine's Day. Phew. It's a chore but definitely worth it. I think both boys are going to love their parties.

*I'm back to doing a plank a day, every single day. And this time I'm hoping to keep it up! It makes it on my daily calendar and everything. Ha. Because sometimes you just need the reminder in writing to help you remember and hold you accountable! A correct plank is so good for your core and back and literally only takes about a minute. Unless you're a super star and can hold it for several minutes. What I'm saying is, it's definitely doable no matter how busy you are. I'm hoping to hold it for longer and longer and eventually make it to 2 whole minutes.  #goals 

*I mentioned that our new resolutions and goals are going really well and I'm so thankful. Other than party planning January is a quiet month for us because it's Winter and the off season so we're home every evening, it's dark early, we're able to have lots of downtime, and we're able to get everyone in bed at a decent time. So the real test hasn't arrived yet. But I'm still pretty excited about how things are going. The big boys are helping load their own plates and silverware in the dishwasher after supper, Garrison picks out his snack for the next day and lays it on the counter for me and then both big boys get out the items needed for me to make the main thing for their lunch (ham, string cheese, peanut butter and jelly, etc.). I still make their lunches and add the "sides"...some sort of combo of things like fruit, yogurt, raisins, chips, crackers, almonds, dry cereal, a small dessert, etc, but just having them do a few things for me is really helpful! The boys sweeping up their own crumbs is a huge help!! And so is breaking things down day by day. I'm excited about forming these new, good habits that will hopefully become second nature one day.

*I'm so glad Clemson won the National Championship!! We don't like orange (or Tigers) at our house, but this time I was pulling for Clemson over Alabama big time. I didn't stay up for the whole game but watched a replay of the highlights with my boys and the finish was awesome. Let the light that shines within you shine brighter than the light that shines on you. Love Dabo Swinney and his testimony and influence. He's fun to watch coach.... He reminds me of Terrell. =)

*I started using the First 5 app last week and LOVE it. I'm also reading Jesus Always and really loving it! After I finish the Jesus Always devotion for the day I grab my phone and read the devotion from my First 5 app. I typically only read the devotional and prayer but the past few nights I've read the chapter in Joshua that's coming up the next morning before I go to bed. I am enjoying it so much! It's like a mini Bible Study because it takes you deeper into Scripture and there is an ending question and comments, but it's not lengthy or time consuming and you don't have homework. It's perfect for me so I'm excited about it.

*The weather here is crazy. We had below freezing temperatures last weekend with snow and ice in the forecast and this weekend it's going to be 70! I hate to complain because the boys have been cooped up quite a bit and they need their outside time, but I like experiencing every season to the fullest. I don't mind the warm temps for my kiddos' birthday parties and every blue moon, ha, but any other time during the Winter snow is welcome. =)

*Last but not least... focusing on one day at a time and enjoying every day. This is a tough resolution/theme for me so far! This week I've been especially guilty of looking ahead and stressing out and wanting to plan (or know the plan!) and feeling some dread.... ughhhh. So frustrating! Fighting the urge to worry and fear isn't easy, and when worry and fear aren't dealt with and nipped in the bud they breed anxiety. Not fun. My biggest weapons have been prayer, Scripture, Christian radio/music, and trying my hardest to be intentional about TODAY. I've had some successful moments and days and I've had some failures. The First 5 study on Joshua has been really helpful and almost every single day of Jesus Always was written specifically for me. =) God's grace is sufficient and I'm so thankful I can rest assured in Him and His plan. My job is to be obedient to God, God's job is everything else.

Have a great Thursday!

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