Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites: Ringing in the New Year Edition

We've had a pretty good several days of ringing in the new year. Other than the weather being super rainy, wet, and messy over the long weekend and several days of the break- including one middle of the night storm and power outage that wasn't fun or sleep inviting- things have been pretty low key and good. And a short week back to school has been helpful too! I know we're all going to crash tonight. =)

Here's my favorite happenings before, during, and after ringing in 2017...

*The days after Christmas for us are usually super laid back and fun. The boys are playing with all of their new stuff, sleeping a little late, and we're mostly home just hanging out and slowly packing up Christmas. This moment was so sweet to me after they'd been playing hard and having the best time together. They needed a break and it sure was a sweet one. #theyarestillandquieteveryonceinawhile

*All 3 boys are absolutely LOVING their new bikes and asking to ride every single day. (Yay for us becoming a bike riding family! Now I need one! =)) But I have to say we're really proud of our oldest. On Christmas Day he was surprised and excited about his new bike but also pretty intimidated. He struggled at first with getting the hang of a bigger bike given that he hasn't been riding a bike without training wheels for very long. But after a lot of determination with some bouts of discouragement thrown in for good measure, he has totally mastered his new bike and is riding like a pro! We are so excited and proud of him!

*Last Thursday afternoon we added another boy to the mix with Garrison's friend from school and church. We've experienced some learning curves when it comes to play dates and younger brothers but I think all in all things have gone really well when we've hosted friends. Pokemon, the trampoline, and remote control cars were the big hits of this play date. =)

*We played a ton of games over the break. The boys got 5 new games for Christmas and we've played all but one. So fun! 

*They love their new marble run and have played with it lots too!

*On New Year's Eve we went shopping together in the cold and rain and actually had a pretty great time! Normally shopping with the boys isn't easy or fun but we had a movie playing in the car so Terrell and I took turns staying with them while one of us ran in a store, and the times they got out we let them ride all the riding toys. (Garrison only rode this one but Layton had a BALL and Austin was pretty impressed too.) Our game plan worked out great!

*On NYE night we always like going out to eat and this year my parents and Anna, Frankie, and Piper were all able to come too. We had a super fun night and topped it off with fro-yo before heading home and going to bed well before midnight. Ha. PS... Why are my boys so big and old?! They're practically teenagers! Waaaaahhhhh!!

*Happy New Year from the Selph boys! (This picture is more like it. Still my babies. =))

*Terrell had the day off Monday for New Year's but since it was rainy and messy we tackled things like laundry, changing sheets, and cleaning up rooms. It was a family affair and a pretty productive way to spend part of our morning. And our firstborn remains creative with his space. The craziness hanging from the window makes me smile every single time I go in their room.

*Monday afternoon there was a small break in the rain so Terrell took the boys out to ride their bikes. Being stuck indoors had them itching to get out! Then of course after 30 or so minutes the rain returned and they had to make a mad dash home. (They ride down the street near AnAn's house in their cul de sac. It's the perfect spot.) Terrell got a pretty good action shot of them. =)

*One last movie night on Monday, our last non-school night of the break! (Everything was perfect until bedtime when the big boys realized the very next night would be a school night. Break my heart. They love their teachers and friends and really do enjoy school, but together is our favorite place to be and going back to school can be tough sometimes. Thankfully they've had a great start back.) 

*When it's raining and you really want to wear a helmet and play football, this is what you get. Hahaha.

*More Game Night fun!

*The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game might be my new favorite.  

*Back to school for the big boys means back to some instructional time with mama for Layton. =) This week we worked on some counting and one-to-one correspondence. He's slowly getting the hang of counting objects and this little activity was just an introduction but I'm thankful to have to opportunity to teach him so I'm going to keep it up while I can!

*After putting away all of our Christmas books on New Year's, I decided to round up all the Winter/snow/penguin books we have and made a Winter themed book bin. They've been a huge favorite for the boys this week! And of course reading to them and their love of books is my favorite. =)  

*Speaking of Winter, I got this Winter flag for Christmas and love it! We're praying for snow this weekend.... and any other time this Winter! =)

Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: On New Year's my parents grilled steaks for us and hosted mine and Anna's families with a delicious and fun night! We had a great time celebrating and I didn't think to get one single picture.

Also, earlier this week I got a text from my SS teacher about 2 different "moments/encounters" she had with my big boys that she wanted to share. It was the sweetest, most encouraging thing and absolutely made my week and start to the New Year!! And I couldn't thank her enough for sharing it with me. Thank you God for your goodness and grace.

This weekend we have absolutely nothing planned! We're hoping for white stuff, sledding, down time, family time, and to keep warm with our power on! Happy Friday!! 

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