Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend of Celebrations

Our weekend was full of fun and celebrations. Even though this Fall is SO busy that sometimes I wonder how I'll get to everything or fit it all in, our weekends have been wonderful. I'm so thankful for the blessing of fun weekends in the midst of a crazy, busy season.

We kicked off our weekend by meeting my in-laws on Friday night to celebrate my birthday and my brother-in-law's birthday. We had a great time catching up and the cousins loved seeing each other. Our meal times with 4 kiddos are finally calming down a little. Even Austin did great! We enjoyed a delicious meal and then my in-laws surprised me by having my blog posts from 2012 published. I was so excited! It's no secret that I love this blog and treasure all the memories it holds, so having it published is super special. Now I have a published book of every year but this one. Turning 30 has been very good to me. =)

Saturday morning we went to Garrison's football game and had another little celebration... he didn't get to run the ball this time but he did get to play center quite a bit AND he finally got an opposing team member's flag! He was SO excited and we were too! All season he's wanted to get another player's flag but he's sort of the baby on the team and one of the smallest so it's hard to get flags when you factor in size and playing 6 on 6... so this was a BIG deal. He was beaming. I think he wanted to keep that flag forever.

After the game the boys stayed home while mama went grocery shopping solo and then we had lunch, naps, and visited the pumpkin patch! Everyone had fun... success! A separate blog post is coming soon on the details of our Saturday afternoon and evening full of Fall fun.

We also celebrated again on Saturday night because my boys slept together in the same room again and did great!

*Quick "Move In" Update: Austin has been napping in Garrison's room every single day since last Monday. Totally his choice. He just wants to nap in the big boy bed and has done GREAT. Like, no issues at all with naptime. I've been soo proud. Then, on Thursday night he decided he wanted to go to sleep for bedtime in the big boy bed. So Garrison slept on the top bunk and Austin was on the bottom and after 2 warnings to stop talking/playing and to go to sleep... they did! And slept til 7:00 the next morning. We were so thankful for how well they did. Unfortunately it didn't work out so well on Friday night. Austin asked to sleep in the big boy bed but later cried and asked to go sleep in his crib. (Then Garrison cried because he was lonely without Austin and missed him. Bless his heart. They are both trying so hard to adjust.) Since we're not pushing him or forcing him to sleep in Garrison's room we immediately put him to bed in his crib and wondered if Thursday night was just a fluke. But then on Saturday night he slept in Garrison's room again and they didn't wake up until 7:35 on Sunday morning. Yaaaay! So far the pattern is every other night but we'll take it. After our diaster that first night/morning, we're just thankful for progress.

On Sunday after church the whole fam loaded up to head to B'ville for the afternoon. My sister had her 2nd bridal shower and Terrell took the boys to play at his parents' house while I went to the shower. The boys had a ball with their grandparents and I had a ball at the shower!

Emily (our cousin's wife who threw the shower) is the ultimate hostess. I love her attention to detail and the way she makes everything so special and personalized. She seriously thinks of everything is so crafty and talented. We had the best time celebrating with family and just laughing and catching up.

Anna and Frankie have definitely been showered with lots of special gifts for their new home and I am just so happy and excited for them. The big day is only about a month away!!

We survived our first day back at school today... even though daddy had the day off... and are trying to get back in the swing of things. Happy Columbus Day Monday!

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