Monday, October 7, 2013

My 30th Birthday

Yesterday was my 30th birthday and we spent the whole weekend celebrating. I was definitely spoiled... and it was wonderful!
A long time ago Terrell planned an amazing all day date for us to celebrate me turning 30. He knows me SO well because this was the perfect gift for me and the best way ever to celebrate my birthday. I don't think I could've planned it any better. I love dating my husband and this was a full day of dates...all with me in mind. And it was the same day as a Georgia game. That fact alone just made me love him even more. =)

The original plan was to start our day with breakfast, see an early movie, do a little shopping, eat an early dinner at the Sun Dial, and then see the Laser Show at Stone Mountain to wrap up the day. Well not everything went exactly according to plan, but I loved everything about my day and had so much fun celebrating with my favorite person. It was one of my best birthdays ever.

My parents came over Saturday morning to keep the boys and we left for our first breakfast date in years. I literally can't remember the last time we enjoyed a breakfast out alone. It was wonderful! We went to Cracker Barrel and pretty much had a perfect meal for breakfast. Yum!

After breakfast it was time for shopping... one of my favorite things!

*Quick sidenote: Unfortunately we decided against seeing a movie this time. And at first it was a HUGE bummer because we only get to go to the movies like once or twice a year. Timing, baby-sitting, money... it all plays a factor into why we seldom go. Anyway, we had planned to see the movie Captain Phillips until we discovered it isn't coming out until the 11th. We were SO disappointed because this always seems to happen to us. The one chance we have to see a movie and there's nothing out we want to see. Ugh. We looked into other movies, read reviews, watched previews and there just wasn't anything that we would both enjoy and that would be worth our time and money. So we decided against it this time. Guess there's always Redbox.

Instead, we went shopping for boots for me (thanks babe!) and shopping for a few items the boys will need for fall and winter. Plus, we registered for baby Layton. So much fun! We had a great day shopping and hanging out together. We talked and laughed so hard. It was the best.

Once we finished our shopping we came home to change clothes and get ready for our romantic dinner at the Sun Dial. And we got to the see the boys for just a little bit before they headed to B'ville with Granna and Papa for the night. They hung out at our house for most of the day because Garrison had an 11:00 football game (he had his best game ever and got to run the ball for an almost touchdown!!), and then they had lunch and naptime for Austin before taking them to Barnesville.

We were so excited to be going back to the Sun Dial. Terrell took me there for my Senior Prom and then again after he proposed, so we hadn't been in over 9 years. I had totally forgotten what that elevator ride up to the 72nd floor felt like. Crazy! But I loved the view.
We got a window seat and enjoyed our dinner so much. The food was super fancy... so not everything was exactly what you thought it'd be but we still enjoyed our meal, and the atmosphere was pretty special. You can't beat the views and rotating around the whole top floor while you eat. Priceless.
I meant to take pictures of all of our food but was starving by the time we ate so the only one that got a photo before I stuffed my face was dessert... Delish!

I also got to see the sunset. It was beautiful! Terrell was away in the bathroom and sneaking in a few minutes of the Georgia game at the bar. Bless his heart... it was a stressful game that Georgia didn't desserve to win and he did great putting me first. =)

We went at the best time... our reservations were at 5:30 so it was a clear, sunny day when we arrived but nighttime by the time we left. We got to enjoy the best of both views. And UGA won the game a few minutes before we got on the elevator to go down. Thank goodness! It took me back to our last second win against the same team on my 18th birthday when Terrell took me to the Perry Fair.

After leaving Sun Dial we headed for Stone Mountain and got there just a few minutes late only to find out the Laser Show was about to wrap up. Boo. Terrell had just called 2 days before and was told it would start at 8:30... which was wrong because it had started at 8:00. We were pretty disappointed (especially Terrell who had worked so hard to plan our special date), but I had had such a wonderful day and was in such a good mood I couldn't stay down for long. In the future, we'll know not to trust whoever answers the phone when you call Stone Mountain.

I had one of the best days ever with my wonderful hubby and was so thankful for time alone with him and time to do some of my favorite things. Breakfast, shopping, and a fancy restaurant! It was a really special day. =)

Sunday morning (on my actual birthday) we slept late (glorious!) and then met my family and the boys at a restaurant for my birthday lunch. Other than Austin being off-the-chain high maintenance, we had a fun time and delicious meal. Later on Sunday we celebrated with cake, ice cream, and presents. My family totally spoiled me! I loved spending my day with everybody and am so blessed I got to celebrate my 30th birthday with my amazing family. Everything about it was pretty wonderful.

HUGE thanks to my husband for making this birthday one of my all-time favorites and HUGE thanks to my parents for keeping the boys for us!!

***My first day in my 30's hasn't been easy. It's actually been really hard. I'm exhausted, emotionally and mentally drained, and sort of hanging by a thread.... and this is why.... my baby moved in with my big boy last night. Details coming soon...

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HickChickBritt said...

Wow I am pretty sure there is no way I could get my 2 boys to actually sleep in the same bed! haha Holy cow the restaurant was on the 72 floor! I think the tallest building in our town is 3 stories.