Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Lovin'

The Weather: I am loving the weather this month. Every year by the time October rolls around I am so over the summer heat and humidity. And so far the October weather has not disappointed. This weather is bliss. It's really cool in the mornings but warms up as the day goes on... but not too much, and then it cools off again. Ahhh. My fav. We have spent tons of time outside this week enjoying the blessing of the wonderful temps. Every single day in fact.

Also, my baby is learning to drive Garrison's big ole dune racer. It's hilarious and scary at the same time. Thankfully his foot doesn't reach very well so he starts and stops a lot and Garrison grabs the wheel when necessary. I love these two so much and I'm so excited to add another one to the bunch. =)
My Birthday Presents: I was spoiled big time this year for my birthday. I'm actually spoiled every year considering I'm a grown-up and still get a "party" and presents. =) Anyway, I am really loving all my presents so much. My parents took the boys to pick out a mum for me and gave me this gorgeous new Fall wreath. I just love looking at my front door every time I leave the house and every time I come home. And Terrell Selph totally surprised me with all he got me that I can't wait to use. Plus I have gift cards to spend. I am blessed!
Fall Decor: My house was decorated for Fall before October arrived but now it just seems to fit perfectly with the cooler weather and the leaves changing and falling and the tad shorter days. My mantle is my favorite I think... and the only thing that got photographed because my house is currently a tad messy. I also love my dining room table and having pumpkin candles and soap everywhere.
Fall Break: With the exception of Monday we are having a wonderful Fall Break. I have loved spending extra time at home with these 2...
Plus a few special outings like Chuck E. Cheese and our first ever real, true play date.
(We met some moms and other kiddos from our new Sunday School class at the playground at the church for a picnic lunch. I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone but knew the boys would love it and knew that's got to happen eventually to get to know people better. I'm happy to report we all had a lot of fun!) 
I think they've loved the break as much as I have. Sleeping later, no school, no lunches to make the night before, lots of playtime, a mid-week trip to B'ville for haircuts and lunch. Yep, it's been fun. And I have to say that I most definitely prefer Fall Break to take place in October. We're not sure where we'll be for school next year but I would love another October Fall Break.
Halloween Books: I am loving all our Halloween books. Most of them are from my big school teaching days but some of them are also gifts from grandparents or other family member for the boys. I've loved reading them to the boys and I've loved having a special place for them. I'm keeping them just out of reach for Austin so he can't get into them whenever he wants but they're readily accessible to Garrison. And it's nice to have a clean-up spot for them once we finish reading a few. I'm planning to do the same thing with our Christmas books. It will keep them altogether and nice and neat when not in use. =)

Upcoming Plans: I am looking forward to lots of fun coming up... more bridal showers, a visit to the pumpkin patch, Fall Festivals, and our annual family pictures. It's going to be really busy coming up but really fun too.

Happy Fall!!

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