Monday, October 21, 2013

Up To Lately

*My baby played his last flag football game of the season on Saturday. He had so much fun and loved just about every second. He was so proud of his trophy at the awards ceremony after his game. Next Fall's sporting avenue is still to be determined. I would love for him to play football again... but maybe in a different "league" so that he's not playing with kids twice his size and years older. We'll have to wait and see. Spring is dedicated to baseball so Fall is also the only opportunity for soccer. Decisions, decisions. We have a while so I guess there's no need to think about it now. Mama is happy he had fun and excited we don't have any other sporting commitments til 2014!

*The boys are becoming THE best friends. And it makes my heart so happy! They love to play together and want to be together all the time. They do fight and have rifts and arguments... and you better believe everything has to be equal and even at all times, but they just adore one another. I'm so thankful they have such a special friendship. I'm praying the bond between all my boys is always strong.

*Speaking of the boys... they are loving my new ABC Scripture Cards. Terrell got them for me for my birthday and they have become a regular part of our morning routine. Right now we're just going through the alphabet and changing to a new letter and verse every morning (Garrison's decision)... but once we make it all the way through the alphabet I'm thinking we'll start over and take a whole week to focus on a verse. Austin loves trying to recognize the big letter on the card and Garrison loves saying it with me and then talking about what it means. This is the exact reason I wanted them so I'm excited they're enjoying them so much!

*My big boy changed his mind about being Superman for Halloween. We bought the costume, brought it home, tried it on a few days later, annnd it was a no-go. He didn't like the cape. It had a velcro closer and scratched his neck, plus made him feel like he was choking. Soooo, after going back and forth he finally decided he wanted to be Freddie Freeman. We are huge Freddie Freeman fans so this was fine with us... even though he was Chipper last year (which was totally our suggestion that he agreed to), but this year he made the choice 100% all by himself so that's what we're going with. Austin is still going to be a lion and we hope he agrees to wear the mane the night of. Cause that's sort of what makes the costume. Maybe we'll be able to make it through Halloween with no drama... but I doubt it. (Garrison tried on this costume right after he woke up one morning... and his cow lick has never been so tall and out of control... I'm sure he'll appreciate that I captured it on camera one day. Haha.)

*We had our Fall Festival at school on Friday night. The boys seemed to have a great time. I had to work in my room the whole time but they dropped by to see me more than once and even delivered my supper to me. Terrell is such a great dad. He fed them (there at school) by himself and did the all the games with them solo and everything. I think I'll keep him... he's the best.

*We have our annual family pictures coming up this weekend! Even though family pictures are a LOT of work and they never turn out perfect like you want, I still love having them done. It's always worth it. And we always choose a family picture for our Christmas card every year from this annual session. We went shopping yesterday after church trying to find me something to wear that will coordinate/match everybody else. Man, shopping maternity as a petite girl is tough. Maternity pants fit but maternity tops do not. They are just way too long and too broad across the shoulders and basically look ridiculous on me. Sooo, after buying some maternity pants I went and bought a regular shirt from one of my favorite "regular" stores in a bigger size... and it looks great. Go figure. On the way home, both boys begged for phones... Garrison wanted to watch Angry Birds videoes on Terrell's phone and Austin wanted to look at all the pictures I have stored on my phone. He also decided to make quite a few. This one turned out pretty good!
*Today was fun at school because my class, the other 3 year old class, and Garrison's Pre-K class all got to go on a field trip together to the pumpkin patch. Garrison had really good time... daddy made an appearance and I even got to spend a little time with him on this trip too. A win-win. =)

*The rest of the day hasn't been too fun. Bailey, our puppy dog, is sick and has to go to the vet this afternoon the second Terrell walks in the door. I'll spare you the details of the surprises she left for us in the house. I'm losing my voice (it's been going away all weekend but now I'm really tired of it and wondering if I'll have to see a doctor). I want ice cream... and the house to clean up itself. Happy Monday!

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