Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Trash Man

Garrison has loved helping Terrell with the trash every Wednesday night for quite some time now. It's become part of our Wednesday night routine. He has always loved going with Terrell around to all the rooms with trashcans and bringing them to the kitchen to be emptied out. He has loved walking with Terrell outside to take the big trashcan to the road so the trash can be picked up the next day. And he even loves putting a new trash bag into the trashcan when he comes back in.

Well, we now officially have a new trash man at our house. After supper for the past 2 Wednesday nights, Garrison has gone and collected all the trashcans in the house by himself. Terrell and I are usually cleaning up the kitchen while our 2 year old takes care of his favorite chore. He brings them to the kitchen one at a time, and with a little help, dumps the trash into our kitchen trashcan and then returns the trashcan to it's appropriate room and location. Tonight when he finished emptying out the last one and Terrell got ready to take out the big trash bag, Garrison insisted on carrying it himself. It was so funny. He struggled with holding it by the strings at first, and then just decided to grab the whole thing. I had to run and get the camera because he looked so cute!

Then, he wanted to lift it up into the big trashcan

Next, it was time to pull it down to the road

Once it was safe and secure at the road, he ran back up the hill/driveway to head inside and put in a new trash bag.

He has got to be the cutest trash man ever!

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