Monday, June 13, 2011

26 Weeks

My little man, the scuba diver had to be in the picture with me and Austin. =) Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 26 Weeks

Size of Baby: 14 inches long and about 1 and 2/3 pounds... the size of an eggplant!

Total Weight Gained/Lost: 17 lbs gained so far. Thankfully I have some really sweet friends who tell me I don't look big at all. Haha!

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all I wear now

Gender: Baby Boy #2!

Movement: He is really active, especially at bedtime when I'm trying to fall asleep. And I think I've felt him having the hiccups. I'm not sure though because they don't seem to last very long and I don't remember feeling Garrison's hiccups until near the very end of my pregnancy.

Food Cravings: Pretty much ice cream and sweets. It's funny because I'm not really craving any real food.

What I Miss: Garrison being able to sit in my lap without it making me uncomfortable. Reading books at bedtime is becoming very interesting when he insists on sitting in my lap.

Sleep: I'm still sleeping good except now I wake up every single time I want to change positions or roll over.

Symptons: Being hungry and tiring out easy are pretty much it lately

Best Moment This Week: Hearing Garrison talk to Austin and include him in lots of our little conversations

What I'm Looking Forward To: Vacation! It's almost here!! And I'm really hoping one day soon that Garrison will be able to feel Austin move.

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