Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garrison's Thoughts on Austin & My Growing Belly

Garrison seems to have already formed a "bond" with his little brother, even though they haven't met yet. He has been really fascinated with my growing belly throughout the pregnancy and loves looking at it, touching it, and his favorite thing to do is get really close to my belly and talk to "Ausin". He has been so precious I just never want to forget his sweet, funny comments to me and his little brother.

The majority of the time he wants to talk to Austin or look at my belly is during his naptime or bedtime routine when we're sitting together on his bed reading books. He usually starts off sitting beside me or across from me while we read but always ends up sitting in my lap about halfway through. That's when he wants to lift my shirt up (the only way he thinks Austin can hear him) to include Austin in our reading of books or singing of songs. And he especially likes seeing and touching my belly.

Below are some of his comments as he leans really close to my bare belly, usually with his mouth touching me as he talks. (I just had to give you that mental picture because it's so precious and funny).

"That's big, mama" (Of course he's referring to my belly and it's so hilarious to hear him say as he touches me with this amused look on his face)

"Ausin make mama big. Garrsin belly not big" (As he compares my belly to his)

"Baby Ausin in mama belly" (This is probably one of the first things he started saying once he caught on that he was going to have a baby brother named Austin)

"Baby Ausin not cry?" (Whenever we are around a baby, he assumes they're going to cry. So this seems to be his way of telling me that Austin isn't like the other babies because he doesn't cry... and he says it like he wants an explanation. Oh goodness. I've tried explaining that Austin doesn't know how to cry yet but that he will most definitely cry once we bring him home.)

"Garrsin sit by Ausin" (Sweet, sweet words to my ears. He usually says this when he's ready to sit in my lap)

"I want baby Ausin listen" (referring to the book we're reading) "Baby Ausin, listen book." (telling his little brother what to do already)

"Hey Ausinnn." (He says this occasionally right after he lifts my shirt up to view my belly).

"Ausin hear us". (I've told him a few times that Austin can hear us when we talk to him and Garrison hasn't forgotten it. He says this to me when we're reading or singing songs. Sometimes he says it with a question in his voice like he needs confirmation from me, and sometimes he says it like he's reminding me in case I forgot. So adorable.)

"Night night Ausin. Time go seep Ausin." (This one melts me every time. He doesn't say it every night, but when he does I could just cry.)

I know Garrison is going to be in for a shock when we bring "Baby Ausin" home, but I hope and pray that he continues to care this much about his little brother as he already does. My parents, grandparents, and in-laws are always telling us how sweet Garrison is (and of course I think so, because he's mine and I'm slightly bias!) however, I also see him at his worst and know that he is very capable of being not so sweet. But, there is something about seeing my 2 year old love and care about his unborn baby brother that is so special and sweet. I mean 2 year olds are very self-centered little people. I know this for a fact. It amazes me that Garrison even acknowledges my growing belly and baby Austin, much less spends time talking to him and "touching" him. (Although he can definitely forget when he's playing and tries to jump into my arms or gets too rough or tries to sit in my lap but instead lands on my stomach.) I'm just so grateful for Garrison's curiosity, gentleness, and love towards Austin and this pregnancy. It makes my heart smile. And, I may even start believing he's almost as sweet as his grandparents say he is. =)

A picture of the sweet big brother I'm bragging on from earlier today at the pool.

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