Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great Father's Day weekend and enjoyed spending time with both of our families. The weekend started for us on Saturday at lunch. The Selph side of the family all met at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Father's Day and Kara's birthday together. It was so good to see our nieces and to have some to time to catch up with everybody.

I love that my baby loves babies!

"Baby Shannon" as Garrison likes to call her

Garrison with the birthday girl

The 3 cousins (Can you tell Garrison has mastered the fake smile?)

These two were so happy to see each other and looked precious as they left the restaurant holding hands.

After lunch we went back to Terrell's parents house and got the little man settled down for a nap. Lately he's been doing really good with taking naps away from home. I guess we'll see how things go on vacation. I'm not sure if naptime will be a priority or not. A part of me thinks it will be really dangerous to basically do away with naptime for a whole week, but another part of me says it's vacation and we'll be out of our routine anyway and he'll be fine getting back into a routine once we're home. I think I'm just going to see how each days goes. Anyway, back to Father's Day... after Garrison's nap we gave Pops his cards and gift.

We told Garrison to go give Pops his present and so he carried it over to him, opened it right up, and handed Pops his present. Oh well, I guess we need to be more specific next time.

After the present was opened, they read the cards together.

Saturday night, Terrell's mom cooked a yummy meal for us and then we enjoyed hanging out and watching the Braves game... and eating a Dairy Queen blizzard once the little man went to bed. So good. Garrison wanted Nana to give him a bath and put him to bed, so it felt like a lazy night for me! We really enjoyed our low-key, relaxing evening.

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church. I loved being back at my home church and enjoyed the service so much. Unfortunately, Garrison did not handle going to the nursery/Sunday School very well. It's such a shock to me when I have to leave him crying because he just hardly ever does that. Like I think it's happened 2 or 3 times in his entire life. Terrell checked on him about 2 minutes after I left and he was fine... but we found out after church that Terrell's mom had to get him early because he wasn't playing or interacting with anyone. He was just sitting by himself. I felt so bad when I heard that. It makes me really sad to think about him sitting by himself not doing anything, and it's just not like him at all. Hopefully this isn't going to become a recurring thing. At least I'm praying it's not.

After church we went over to my parents' house for a Father's Day lunch with my family. My mom cooked a feast for us and my grandparents, aunt, and cousin came over to eat. When it was time for us to say the blessing we were telling Garrison that Papa was ready to pray and he said, "God is great, Papa", so an entire dining room table full of adults said the prayer, "God is great, God is good..." before we ate. It was sweet and funny at the same time.

Before everyone came over, Garrison gave Terrell his Father's Day present and cards. I am so thankful for Terrell and for what a great dad he is!

Then after lunch Garrison gave Papa his Father's Day present and cards. He loves opening up the present for Papa or Daddy or Pops (whoever), but he also really loves opening up the envelope and hearing what the card says now.

We had a great weekend with our families are so thankful for our dads and their examples. Both of my boys are going to have great men to look up to in their dad and granddads. Happy Father's Day!!

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