Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa! Take 1 & Take 2

This year we made not 1, but 2 visits to see the man in red. It wasn't planned this way but in the end it all worked out and we're glad we had a trial run before Layton met the real Santa and Mrs. Claus. =)

We went last weekend to a nearby bank to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus but when we arrived we discovered this Santa wasn't the one we were hoping for. Which would be the real one of course! But the big boys were thrilled and so we made the most of our visit. 

Layton was sooo excited on the way there and couldn't wait to see Ho Ho.... but then when he saw him he got super intimidated and wanted no part of him! Ha! Sooo, mama had to be in every single picture.

I would have totally sat Layton with Santa and been happy with a crying picture but that wasn't even a possibility as there was no room in his lap and Layton would have bolted without a doubt. So I'm glad I dressed in something decent because I wasn't planning to be in the pictures! 

He warmed up a little eventually!

These two were smitten and loved telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Pokemon cards, baseball cards, Power Ranger toys, a book about extinct animals, a terra climber... they recited quite the list. =)

And all 3 boys were pretty excited about their little goodie bag. 

As soon as we left I knew we needed to make another visit to see the real Santa (and Mrs. Claus). I just really wanted pictures of all 3 of them sitting with Santa, without me in the picture! Plus the real Santa is my favorite. I mean, he basically stepped right out of Twas the Night Before Christmas! =)

So even though we were hoping to have Saturday morning at home to clean and prepare for our Sunday School party, we got our priorities straight and went to see Santa!

LOVE. (Santa even knew Papa by name and it was really cool for the big boys to hear that Papa was visited by Santa Claus when he was a little boy too. =))

This time Layton was prepared and ready! We had talked it up and he decided to be brave and go for it! Standing at first of course. 

They each received a small gift from Santa and Mrs. Claus which were pretty precious. (And I'm definitely using those little bags for another gift to them this Christmas.)

Garrison showed off his loose tooth and they told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. 

And since Layton had had a chance to warm up, he got really brave and sat with Mrs. Claus. SO sweet!

Annnnd, we realized later that Austin had on Layton's pants and Layton had on Austin's pants. Sigh. #ohwell #anothermemory #evenifAustin'spantsarewaytooshort

And then Baby Girl joined the fun!

So adorable!!

Anna got this close up of them which is one of the best!

This one is precious of Piper checking out Santa.

And the classic! I love a good crying picture with Santa. They are always the funniest and just priceless!

We got a few more in front of the Christmas tree before the boys partook of some of the goodies and we called it a morning. It was a sweet and fun morning for this crew and I'm glad we decided on Take 2 with Santa!!

Happy Monday before Christmas!!

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