Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Week Favorites!

Before kicking off our Christmas festivities with family today, I'm going to do a quick recap of my Christmas week faves. It's been so fun counting down and enjoying this week before Christmas to the fullest. The boys have absolutely loved being together. They've played together really well and the fighting and bickering have actually been kept to a minimum. We've had a moment or two of getting in trouble, meltdowns, brawls, and mama having to yell (keeping it real), but overall those moments have been few and far between. YAAAY!!!!

Here's a look at my favorite happenings from Christmas Week...

*Last Friday the big boys had a half day of school and everyone in the school (our Primary School is only grades PreK-2nd) gathered in the gym for a sing-along and "pajama jam". It turned out to be a huge hit!! 

Anna sent me pictures of the boys and they had a GREAT time. They even got to hear some teachers sing Go Tell it on the Mountain (which is one of their favorite songs) and O Come All Ye Faithful. Love our school. =)

*Austin's teacher sent me this picture of him and some friends enjoying a little treat before the end of the day. #ohmy 

*I picked up an extra little man from school on Friday for a play date! The boys had so much fun having Garrison's best bud over. I think they all had a blast. 

*Friday night we went out to eat and ran into Santa! 

*Our Advent devotion time has been pretty sweet. Sometimes trying but mostly sweet. =) We have figured out that it goes way more smoothly when I read it to them during a meal time or right before bed when we're all settled and Layton can have his own votion as he calls it (which is a book to hold onto and "read" while he listens). My favorite has been the questions and discussions we've had. We may do a different, shorter one next Christmas, but in the future I definitely think we'll come back to this one. (Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

*Saturday night we hosted our Sunday School Christmas Party! Terrell and I are pretty sure this was our first ever couples and adult only party to host. Everything turned out perfect and it was so much fun!!

*We did appetizers and sweets again this year and had the BEST food! This type of food is just my favorite. Sooo good. This was the appetizer table...

*And this was the dessert table! We even had a couple or two come in late and add to the feast. Everything was DELISH and we had the best time. We have a special class full of couples we love and we spent the entire evening laughing, talking, and eating. It was a huge success and Terrell and I both enjoyed it so much. Huge thanks to Papa and Granna for keeping all the grands on Saturday night so their daughters and sons-in-law could enjoy the party!!

*On Sunday night Garrison lost another front tooth! His smile is my favorite. =)

*I mentioned that the boys have been playing really well together this week which means their imaginations are in full swing. My favorite. They called me into the kitchen a few days ago to show me their guards... who were protecting the palace of superheros. #therealdeal #boymom

*We've enjoyed quite a few Christmas movies lately and one of our favorites was Santa Claus 1. Such a sweet night with my guys.

*And every single movie, every single time, this one ends up in my lap. So glad he still fits and still wants to sit with me!

*Yesterday was a busy one for us! I was in charge of keeping the boys away from the house all morning so a secret Christmas present could be assembled in our backyard. Mission accomplished! We started the day with haircuts, then time at Granna's working on Nativity puzzles and a little help with baking before topping off our morning at Chick fil A with lunch and play time. 

*When we got home the boys were surprised to find Nana and Pops here waiting on them... with their early Christmas present! They opened cards with a picture inside of a trampoline. 

*After opening their cards and being a little confused Pops told them to come look out the window. They were soo surprised and excited!! I can't believe we pulled it off!

*Terrell and his dad spent the whole morning assembling this Christmas present. And we have 3 super happy little boys over here. =) They've always mentioned wanting a trampoline off and on for years but we either didn't have room or were renting or were just undecided. Until now. 

*It even came with a velcro basketball goal that they LOVE. I know they're going to enjoy this gift for years. Since Nana and Pops couldn't fit it under the tree and we wanted the gift to be assembled when they "opened" it, our only option was yesterday and it worked out perfect. Yay!!

Today we're kicking off our family Christmas! We are all super excited about all the festivities coming up that start today!!

Praying you enjoy your time with family celebrating the greatest Gift ever given. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!! 

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

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