Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites: Tis the Season Edition

Tis the Season... To be jolly, to have fun, to celebrate, to rejoice.... and to get sick. Sigh. So this week didn't turn out as planned at all, but our biggest is finally on the mend after 3 missed days of school and yet another strep diagnosis. We are so thankful for our wonderful NP, who just so happens to be one my besties, and her expertise, advice, and oh so wonderful bedside manner. Garrison is ready for school this morning and feeling 100% better. YAY!

Here's a look at my favorite moments from the week...

*Friday night we dropped off our babies with my parents and headed to our church for the Sunday School workers Christmas party. We had the best time. It was super festive and fun and the food was delicious. Plus our table was the best. =) 

*On Saturday afternoon we loaded up for a surprise trip to Six Flags and Holiday in the Park! And then we felt absolutely crazy because it started raining and we almost froze. Ha. Terrell's sister and her fam is giving us season passes for Christmas (which the boys don't know about) so we had to go in person to officially claim our passes but we wanted to keep the Christmas gift a secret. So we told the boys we were going to look at Christmas lights and ride just a few rides. =) They were so excited and loved their surprise! And they still don't know about our gift of season passes. 

If it wasn't raining and we weren't freezing I would have made tons more pictures. I was so impressed. Everything was decked out in lights and just beautiful.

The last things we did were let Garrison ride a roller coaster and then we all rode the train together to the North Pole. =) After that we were ready to thaw out, warm up, and get home! It was a really fun night.

*While Garrison's been sick these 2 have had plenty of play time in the afternoons and evenings. I am soaking up every bit of their ages. So fun!

*On Monday I was called into work so Layton spent the day with Granna and Piper. And while Piper was napping Granna and Layton made a Christmas tree together! It's now proudly displayed on our fridge and the big boys are super impressed! =)

*We introduced our littlest member to Yahtzee this week! We played 2 nights in a row and he did so good! Terrell and I just let the boys play so it would make the waiting between turns and the games themselves shorter and Layton was the perfect little player. He still doesn't really grasp everything about the game but he knows how to wait his turn and how to participate with help. We had the best time both nights we played.

*Doing our Advent calendar every morning as a family has been a favorite for all of us. We are loving watching the Nativity scene slowly unfold. Our nightly Advent devotion on the other hand has been a little challenging. Ha. Layton just isn't quite ready for it and sometimes it doesn't hold Austin's attention either. But we've found some little tricks that help so we may do more of around the table right after supper, or around the table with a small pre-bedtime snack. =)

*Garrison and Layton have had lots of extra time together this week with Garrison missing 3 days of school. Even though Garrison didn't feel like playing much Layton loved having him home and enjoyed his company so much. And I enjoyed watching my biggest and littlest share that extra time together. It was emotional and tough on the big boys to be separated, but all in all, I think everybody handled things pretty well. I know Austin is excited Garrison can finally go back to school with him today. 

*Yesterday my big boy turned a corner and started feeling MUCH better!! I was sooo thankful to see him getting back to normal! So we went out for a little Christmas shopping together since he was up for it. We had a great time together and got a lot accomplished. Yay!!

This weekend is going to be pretty full. Tonight the boys and I are on our own while Terrell goes out of town for the night and then bright and early tomorrow morning we're going to attempt to go see Santa!! We have our church Christmas program to go to tomorrow night (one of my most favorite Christmas traditions!) and Sunday morning Terrell and I are attending the service (for the first time in months! yay!) and then we're all going to the Happy Birthday Jesus party right after church. We also need to buy groceries and finish shopping at some point this weekend too. It should be full of Christmas fun. We're looking forward to it! Happy Friday!!

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