Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites: Christmas Fun Edition

This week has been a full one! It's been the week of Christmas parties and programs and LOTS of house prep for us as we get ready to host our Sunday School Christmas party. It's been a little tiring but also tons of fun. 

Here's our faves from the week...

*Sunday morning sweetness. These handsome boys of mine are just the best helpers on Sunday morning as we get the preschool hall and rooms ready for our littlest members. They are a pretty sweet blessing to the SS teachers and our earliest arriving families too. =)

*School has been SO fun for my big boys this week. I'm pretty sure they have loved every second. The week before Christmas break is super festive and laid back and so much fun. After school in AnAn's room for a few minutes is a pretty nice perk too. 

*No homework Tuesday afternoon meant extra play time, a little laziness, and Christmas books with my middle. Yay for him still wanting to sit in my lap and be read to!

*Wednesday afternoon Layton and I were able to attend Austin's Christmas party at school. It sure was fun celebrating with all those little Rudolph's. =)

*It took Layton a while to warm up, but he didn't mind finishing Austin's plate of goodies for him one bit. Haha!

*Later Wednesday afternoon Austin's choir had their little Christmas performance for parents and grandparents and while we waited for the choir to come in, Layton went up on stage and asked to have his picture made! Oh the cuteness!!

*Choir programs are my favorite. I loved watching and listening to these sweet babies sing Christmas carols. I couldn't fit everybody in the picture because we were sitting on the front row near Austin's spot, but they all did so good!

*We went out to eat afterwards with my parents and saw Garrison's teacher and enjoyed the Christmas lights. Soooo thankful to be here in the hometown!!

*Yesterday was my first day at home all day with Layton. It's been a busy week with lots going on but we enjoyed our extra time together to play, clean, read, and hang out. 

*He even practiced his cutting on some scrap wrapping paper. He still needs a little assistance but he's catching on quickly!

*Then yesterday afternoon we were off to Garrison's Christmas party at school! 

*Layton was super apprehensive for most of the party (this class LOVES him and is always in his face and doting on him whenever we're there so I think he was a little overwhelmed, haha) but that didn't stop him from enjoying some party food. Little man consumed quite a few Christmas cookies.

*3 sweet friends. =)

*Garrison's letter to Santa he brought home from school. I don't think Santa will be bringing all of this (and the math sheets? Whaaaa? Hahaha) but he does have a birthday coming up so that should help. =)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: On Wednesday morning our PTCO got together to work on and distribute candy cane grams for students and then we all hand delivered CFA gift cards to every single teacher and staff member at our school. It was fun and busy and felt so good to bless all of our hard working staff members. I am loving serving on PTCO and just so thankful for our school, teachers, and administration. 

And on yesterday my favorite moment of the week occurred when daddy finally got home from work almost an hour later than normal (I had a bit of a rough afternoon with 3 wild boys) and we tackled the clutter and messiness that takes over the house and kitchen the week before Christmas Break. Things were out of control and he knew I was about to lose it. So he took charge and we all worked together as a family to go through, put away, and clean up the massive amount of STUFF we had everywhere. It was wonderful and possibly saved my sanity. I'm so thankful he's mine. =)

Today the big boys have a half day at school with a Pajama Jam/school sing along (they are both super excited), and Layton and I are going to rush through our weekly grocery shopping before getting ready to pick them up plus one! Garrison's best bud is coming home with us today for few hours (THRILLED is an understatement... I think they've both been counting down all week) and then we're all about party prep and yet another visit to see Santa. =) We're looking forward to hosting our SS party, going to church Sunday morning, and hopefully rounding out our weekend with our annual Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. =) Happy Friday!!

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