Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Home Tour!

I decided to do another Christmas Home Tour this year. It's our 2nd Christmas in our forever home and this year we have another room almost totally complete. It's one of my favorites now! We're slowly but surely making our way to each room that needs a makeover or touching up and getting it done. I am so thankful for our home and the special memories we'll get to make here for years to come!

Here's a look at our home during Christmas...

Walking in the front door we now have a brand new foyer and dining room! Last year this space was almost completely BARE. But this year it's inviting and special and feels like a room you want to spend time in. We are really loving everything about it now!

I felt confident putting out my real Nativity Scene this year and this has been the perfect spot for it. Layton occasionally pets a lamb or touches a wise man, but for the most part it's been totally safe here. And I love my burlap wreath. 

My mom painted and restored a vintage buffet for me and I am thrilled with how it turned out and the character it adds to the room! 

The "pencil pines" by the lamp were my Granny's and go perfect here. The NOEL sign came from Hobby Lobby and the lit trees are from Kirklands. Thank you gifts and gift cards!!! 

The newness still hasn't worn off for me so I love seeing this room coming down the stairs. After Christmas I'll have to find something to go on the buffet and to hang above it, but for now I'm not changing a thing.

I would however change those green walls going up the stairs, ha! We will eventually paint it's just not a top priority right now.

The great room is my favorite! I love having an open floor plan again and never tire of the view from my kitchen sink. 

We're doing a countdown to Christmas along with our Advent calendar and the boys have since taken over writing the number for us. Plus we keep part of our stash of Christmas books under this table. 

We love our tree!!

Especially as it gets dark...

This is my newest favorite ornament. We got it last year for our 1st Christmas in our house.

This year I added some glass hurricanes with red and silver ornaments to the mantle. 

I also got these new Christmas pillows from Kirklands. The famous and favorite Christmas carousel sits on the table and underneath we decided to put our little toy Santa Village. 

This carousel was given to us by my grandparents and it's a huge favorite for the boys. The carousel actually works just like a real one and the little toys on top move in and out. And it plays instrumental Christmas carols. Layton is especially wowed by it. =)  

I changed up this table just a little this year but overall it's still the "Pictures with Santa" table. We have the past 4 years of Santa pics displayed here. 

Here's the kitchen....

I like to decorate my counters just a little to make them festive but not overwhelmingly crowded. Cluttered counters and a messy kitchen sort of drive me crazy. Unfortunately it still happens! Haha. My snowman plate, snowman spoon rest, and glass jar of ornaments are just right. =)

Our Advent Nativity Calendar is displayed here (I made these pictures on December 1st) along with a new book my mom got for us called The First Christmas Night. It's a lyrical retelling of the birth of Christ modeled after 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. The illustrations are gorgeous and I think this will be the book we read on Christmas Eve before bedtime. We read it as soon as we got it and all loved the story and illustrations and I didn't want it to get worn or torn so I decided to keep it safe by putting in on display. =)

Our table has a simple centerpiece from our very first Christmas as a married couple. 

11 Christmases later and we're still using it. =)

Now for the boys' rooms! This is the big boy room and their little tree... 

Sports and superheros sum it up. =)

And I always decorate their dresser with just a few little things too.

I hope Layton makes a Christmas plate when he starts preschool next year because I love these!! 

Layton's room with his tree... plus, if you look closely, Layton himself. =)

His tree has more of a transportation theme but is also just the perfect little boy tree. And we added a musical reindeer to his room from my grandparents. It plays Christmas carols music box style. He loves it!!

His dresser has a few Christmas touches too...

And the most special is this little wooden Nativity Scene. It was given to me on my very first Christmas by my Nanny and now I always display it in one of the boys' rooms each year.

I LOVE all of our decor and the "views" we get to enjoy in our very own home at Christmas.

This is such a special time of year and we are soaking up the twinkle lights, the fun and joy, and the anticipation of His birthday. So thankful for Emmanuel and the celebration of what this season means!!

Merry Christmas!!


Leslie said...

Your holiday decor looks so good and your tree is so perfectly decorated! Yay for finding other Georgia bloggers!

Kristi Griedl said...

Your home is beautiful - love your fireplace and tree!!