Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Day in the Life of Us...

I've finally gotten around to doing another "Day in the Life" post. For some reason the trend seems to be about every 7 months. I'd like to do more but I usually don't think about it until half-way through our day or in the afternoon, and by that point it's too late. Sooo, I planned for yesterday and made pictures and took mental notes, and today I'm actually writing about it. A lot has changed since the first time I did this and even the last time back in December. Garrison has changed and so have I! Baby Austin is on the way and Garrison is potty trained, sleeping in a big boy bed, and eating cereal for breakfast! Here are the events from our day yesterday...

My day started around 6:20 when I got out of bed and showered, did my hair, make-up, etc. Then I had my quiet time before the little man woke up. Some days it's cut short because he wakes up a little earlier than normal, but for the most part I'm able to finish my quiet time/devotion right before he wakes up. He started calling for me around 8:00 and Terrell got him up and took him to the potty. After that he was ready for breakfast and telling me he wanted to have abble jacks.... which he eats from a bowl with milk. He started this a couple of months ago and cereal has become one of his favorite things to have for breakfast. His new thing is reaching into the cereal box for a handful and then putting it into his bowl himself. We are definitely right in the middle of the "do it myself" stage.... which means tons of patience is required. He also stands on his stool right beside me (like right beside me where I can hardly do anything) every time I'm fixing his breakfast or lunch. Again, much patience required.

I decided to put a couple of waffles into the toaster for my breakfast and Garrison insisted that he wanted one too. I think he ate 2 or 3 bites of his. Don't think I'll make that mistake again. It's going to have to be one or the other little man.

After breakfast I had to clean up our mess, empty the dishwasher, and get our supper into the crock pot. Normally Garrison likes to help empty the dishwasher and sort of hangs out in the kitchen until I'm done with everything, but yesterday he was very independent and went and played in the living room the whole time I was busy in the kitchen. He even asked me to make a picture of his cars.

After I finished everything in the kitchen he asked to watch Mickey Mouse, so he did that while I got dressed and finished getting ready. Once the Mickey Mouse episode ended we cleaned up his cars together and I started the process of getting him ready. (Our plan for the morning was Hobby Lobby and Chuck E. Cheese.) Getting him ready to leave the house can turn into a long process and sometimes major battle. He usually doesn't want to be "interuppted" from playing or whatever he's doing to go to the potty, get his teeth brushed, and eventually get dressed. Then it seems to take forever to get all three accomplished. Yesterday wasn't too different. After we finally got ready, I made him a small snack and grabbed some milk to take with us and we were off.

We had to get gas first and then headed to Conyers to the Hobby Lobby for me to look for some things for the boys' bathroom and a picture for Garrison's room. Thankfully it was a successful trip and Garrison was very well behaved. While we were in Hobby Lobby I talked to him about going to Chuck E. Cheese to play and how when I said it was time to go, I expected him to listen, get ready to go, hold my hand walking out, etc. (We've had a couple of meltdowns leaving Chick-Fil-A's "playground" in the past.)

We've only been to Chuck E. Cheese 2 or 3 times before, so he's not totally familar with it, and whenever we've been we're always there with just a few other kids because we go so early. Well, yesterday there were 2 daycare/summer camp groups there on little field trips and the place was hoppin. Garrison was very intimidated and not sure he wanted to be there at all. We ended up sitting in a booth and just watching what the other kids were doing for a few minutes (which Garrison seemed to really like). Then I started talking to him about trying out a ride or getting down to walk around, but the little man would have no part of it. I finally attempted to put him on this little police motorcycle ride against his will but he resisted big time, so we decided to just leave. Of course as soon as we got in the car he was asking to ride the police car. I told him we'd have to plan another day to come back even earlier.

Once we got home it was time for lunch. Garrison had spaghetti o's, gold fish, raisins, and watermelon. He requested everything and he ate it all... very slowly. Whenever I'm waiting on him to finish a meal now, I always try to be productive by working on invitations for my upcoming shows.

After cleaning up from lunch it was naptime. I think he took about an hour and a half nap. A little shorter than usual but still enough time for me to iron my clothes for my show and get everything organized and ready.

Once he woke up he had half a pack of Fruit Jammers for his snack with a Capri Sun. He actually finished his snack pretty fast and then had his usual after nap/afternoon burst of energy. He started chasing Bailey and throwing one of her balls all over the place and was just wound up . I needed to get stamps on invitations to go in the mail, so I decided instead of letting him "run free" and possibly get into things he shouldn't, I'd let him play with stickers while I got all the stamps on my invitations. We grabbed a sticker pad I bought from Dollar General and a couple of sheets of construction paper and he put stickers all over his papers while I put stamps on my invitations. He looks like such a big boy to me with his hat on.

After we finished that, I started lining up all my Premier stuff for Terrell to put in the car for me once he got home and tried to get ready for my show. Garrison played in the living room and watched a little more Mickey Mouse while I did that. Once Terrell got home, I fixed my plate of roast, potatoes, and carrots (we always try to do an easy meal on my show nights), and then got dressed and ready to leave. Things were a little crazy getting out the door, but I had a fun show with a good friend and when I got home around 10:00 I found out my guys had a good night together too.

I think that covers everything. I guess the next time I do this I'll be writing about what my day is like with 2 boys. Scary and exciting at the same time!

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