Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One More Birthday Gift

A while back I wrote about getting ready for Garrison's birthday party and trying to figure out what his big gift would be from us, and our dilemma about outside toys.... our house sits on a hill, we have a tiny backyard, etc. Well, we finally made a final decision about what we wanted to get him, and then we finally found it so we could actually give it to him, only a couple of weeks late.

Here sits the little man on his new Little Tikes "Climber". He loves it and it actually fits in our backyard! Double yay!
It turned out being a pretty good bit bigger than what I thought it was going to be after seeing it online in pictures. But I love it because it isn't huge like the wooden playground sets, but yet it's big enough for him to have plenty of room to play and it offers a lot.... 2 slides, a tunnel, a play house/fort area with a door (a big deal to the little man), and multiple climbing spots to get to the slides. Plus it will grow with him and he'll be able to keep playing on it as he gets bigger. We can even switch things around if we want and change the spots of the slides and tunnel. (Another feature I really like.) We've only had it for a couple of days but he loves it so far and can't get enough play time on it.

Climbing up the tunnel

Ready to slide down the "big" slide

Action shot coming off the slide

Inside the house/fort standing behind the door...which like I said, is a big deal. =)
Happy Belated Birthday Garrison!!

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