Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Blessings

Valentine's Day has never been a huge deal to us ( well maybe when we were dating) but we definitely like to celebrate in some way just so we don't feel like it's a regular old day or like we're an old married couple. So we decided to go out to one of our favorite "upscale" restaurants, if you can call it that, with the little man on Saturday night. We had a giftcard to Olive Garden from Christmas and my parents sent us a monetary Valentine gift and card in the mail... so we splurged at our favorite Italian restaurant. We are so spoiled. We told them that they've set the bar really high for what we should plan to do for our grown children! My parents are the most generous people I know. They make us crazy sometimes for doing too much but we definitely love them and appreciate them for it!

Me and my two guys before going out on our date

I love this picture of me and my little man.

Daddy and his little man

Olive Garden was crazy busy on Saturday night, but I would say it was worth the wait. Our meal was delicious and we even had dessert. We had a great time and Garrison even went to bed like normal after we got home! Huge blessing!

Okay, I definitely have to elaborate on this for just a minute. Pretty much since he turned two, a whole week ago, the little man has had some trouble with bedtime. All of last week he decided not to go to bed until 9:00 every night. After a few days, this was wearing on both all of us. We would start his bathtime around 7:00, then have him ready for bedtime before 8:00. One of us would read him a few books, sing a few songs, say prayers, lay him down awake, stay in his room for a few more minutes, tell him goodnight, then leave the room. Just like we've done every other night for months. Well, for some reason, the little man would immeditately start crying for the other parent after we left his room. This would then start a cycle of one of us going in to sit with him for a few minutes, leaving the room with him still awake (he rarely can go to sleep with one of us in his room) and then him crying again. The crying was a desperate, panicked cry. I could deal with letting him whine and fuss but it was really hard to ignore the screaming sobs. Eventually he would just give up and accept when we left his room for the 5th time that he was tired of the charade or he would actually fall asleep from exhaustion while we were in the room. Friday night he didn't go to sleep until 9:45. After that whole episode I was spent and ready for an intervention. The new plan was going to be either timing him and letting him cry or going into his room but not acknowleding him... just sitting down by the door without speaking to him or making eye contact. So far, we haven't had to resort to either. 3 nights in a row have been great. We'll see if it lasts but as for now we're SO thankful we don't have to spend our evening from 7:00 to 9:00 trying to get him bathed, in bed, and asleep.

Okay, back to Valentine's stuff. Last night we decided we would go out to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. They were having a really good Valentine special, we knew it would be a safe (loud) place for the 3 of us to have dinner together, and best of all I wouldn't have to cook!

One of my Valentine dates

My other Valentine date =)

Things were a little crazy at the restauarant. Who knew the Mexican place would be so popular on Valentines? Anyway, we enjoyed our 3 course meal and ate way too much. Garrison loved the cheese dip. That may become something we have to start ordering for him. While we were eating we started talking and realized this was our first time to venture out to a restaurant on Valentine's Day in years. Maybe even since we've been married. We just always went out the weekend before and for the past few years we've gotten Long Horn take-out on actual Valentine's Day instead. (Which is probably what we'll end up doing next year.)

Anyway, Terrell surprised me with tulips when he got home from work (so sweet!) and we also had a little surprise for the little man. A card and a balloon! (Balloons are a really big deal!) It was sort of a last minute decision to give him a balloon so they didn't have much selection by the time Terrell went to get one, so he just got Mickey Mouse instead. =)

Reading his card... his expression is so sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last but definitely not least, I have to share about our biggest Valentine blessing. Yesterday morning, the 3 of us got to go to the doctor together to see Garrison's baby brother or sister! We are so excited about our new little bundle of joy but wanted to wait to share the news after seeing the ultrasound. I am 9 weeks pregnant and looking forward to welcoming the newest member to the family by September 17th. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We waited and prayed for this baby many months and seeing him or her yesterday was so special.
For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
Psalm 139:13-14

We actually found out I was pregnant when I had the flu. I knew I was due to start my period basically any day and when it didn't happen we decided I had to go ahead and take a test just to determine whether or not I could take stronger medicine. I was really scared to take the test because I was afraid a negative result would just make me feel worse. But, Terrell convinced me. In his words, "if you are, we'll be happy and maybe that will help you feel better. If you aren't, at least we'll know and can get some stronger medicine in you to help you feel better." I love my husband. It was a really happy moment finding out. Then we had to tell our moms because they had both been keeping close tabs on me and asking about what I was taking, etc. So they knew a few hours after us. Then a couple of weeks later we told our sisters. Then we told the rest of the family at Garrison's birthday party. The last present Garrison opened was a shirt that said "Big Brother". The picture I have of it is blurry but one of the only ones we got. There was definitely a delayed reaction but finally everyone caught on. My grandparents were hilarious because they seemed almost oblivious to the whole thing. Then I had my aunts and uncles smiling at me but not saying a word. Finally my cousin Kelly let out a scream. It was definitely a fun way to tell the family. Selph Party of 3... is now Selph Party of 4...!! Yay!


Megan said...

Congratulations Meggie, Terrell, and Garrison! I know yall are super excited!

meggie said...

Thanks Megan! We are super excited! =)