Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Selph/Pregnancy Update

Here are our 1st two pictures of our sweet baby. I have them on our refrigerator and I think I smile every single time I look at them. =) I can't wait to meet him or her! (Well maybe just a little while... Garrison isn't out of the nursery yet and we need a little more time to prepare for baby number 2.) When I was pregnant with Garrison I wasn't really able to document my pregnancy and how I felt and how much weight I gained and cravings I had, etc. I really don't have tons of pictures of myself pregnant with him either, except mainly at showers. So this time around I want to document it all so I'll be able to look back and remember it.

So far, I really can't complain about anything. I haven't been sick a single time and other than being really tired at various times during the day, (and really hungry too) things have been pretty good. I've only had one bad nauseous spell and a couple of times of feeling "faint". One of those happened again this morning. All of a sudden I'll just start feeling light-headed and hot and my vision will get sort of blurry like I'm going to faint but I just put my head down between my knees and wait until I can get up. Then I usually feel like I need to be sick but it passes fairly quick. But those episodes have only occurred like 3 or 4 times. Having an empty stomach is not my friend, but since I'm home most of the day every day, that hasn't been too big of a problem.

This pregnancy (so far) has been really similar to the pregnancy with Garrison. Which reminds me... right after we found out we were expecting this time I had a pretty strong feeling we were having a girl, and I still do.... sort of. Kind of like with Garrison I had a strong feeling he would be a boy. I always pictured us having a boy first and honestly every time I imagined myself with our baby, it was always a boy.(Although everybody else, and I do mean everybody, thought I was having a girl so I started to waver a little on my original prediction.) This time I've been pretty sure of a girl, except for the fact that the pregnancies have been so similar. So I just don't know. But that's okay, it's still really early and we have plenty of time for predictions and discussion of names. =) I think I'm going to start putting a picture up every once in a while too. I'll probably do the first one at 12 weeks. I do seem to be getting bigger, faster this time. I'm trying to be active (I'm not exactly sure if you can call it exercising) and to eat healthy, especially with my snacks. At my last appointment I had already gained 4 lbs. I don't know if that's good or bad because my doctors say it's okay for me to gain 30-35 lbs total, but I don't want to gain that much and since we're already discussing the potential size of the baby when it's born and the best delivery method, I don't need to gain that much. Anyway, I think that updates what's been going on with me and baby Selph.

Here are a few pictures I had to include of my little man outside yesterday. We've been enjoying the pretty weather as much as we can and Garrison has definitely enjoyed having his afternoon snack outside this week.

Ready for a walk in his wagon. Once he finishes his snack I've been pulling him in his wagon down the street before coming back and having some outside play time.

Drawing with sidewalk chalk... it makes a mess but he really likes it. =)

It's the letter A!

Covered in chalk dust

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