Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 Years Old! (Almost)

Garrison will turn 2 on Saturday the 5th (at 12:33 to be exact... right in the middle of his party) and since tomorrow we are loading up all the birthday stuff and heading to Barnesville to get ready for the party, I wanted to go ahead and write about Garrison turning 2 a couple of days early. It's really sort of crazy for me to think about him being two. I think while I was pregnant I imagined loving, and taking care of, and staying home with... a baby. I didn't really think past him being 1. I knew he would grow up and he would be involved in little boy things like sports, and trucks, and playing with his daddy, but I didn't really think about what it would be like to have a full blown, active, talkative, big boy. My baby is past the baby stage, although he's definitely still a toddler, but he's truly becoming a big boy. Before we know it we'll be signing him up for tee-ball and school and I'll be parenting a much bigger boy, one who will probably be taller than me way before I'm ready. As long as he knows he'll always be my little man no matter how big he is. Anyway, before I get carried away thinking too far into the future, this post is dedicated to my big boy, Garrison Cade, as we prepare to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

Last year this time, you didn't know how to walk yet, you could only say a few words, you took two naps everyday, and your favorite thing to do was crawl around all over the house. My how things have changed in a year! You are a very active, talkative (you talk all the time and repeat almost everything we say), busy little boy now. Your favorite thing right now is anything Sesame Street. You request to watch "Elmo" everyday. Even though Elmo is probably your favorite, you love all the characters and know them by name. You have lots of Sesame Street toys, books, and even a couple of DVDs. So far, Sesame Street is about the only thing you'll watch on TV. You typically watch the first 10-15 minutes sitting on the couch, then you have to get up and play or do something while you watch. You also love playing basketball with daddy. Just about every night after supper you and daddy throw the balls into the goal together. You love to say, "bounce" and "shoot it".

You go to bed between 7:45-8:15 every night and wake up between 7:15 and 7:30 every morning. You take an afternoon nap everyday that lasts about an hour and a half on most days. I always have to stay in your room in the rocking chair until you fall asleep for your naps. Somehow that's just become the routine and the guaranteed way you'll take a nap. I really don't mind because it gives me a few minutes to rest too!

Your bedtime rountine consists of one of us reading you 3 books (that you insist on picking out), singing songs with you and saying prayers together before laying you down. You like mama to sing certain songs with you like Count Your Blessings, Amazing Grace, and Go to Sleep Little Baby. And you like daddy to sing songs like Old McDonald Had a Farm, Jesus Loves Me, and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer . My favorite thing about singing you songs is that you're laying in my arms looking up at me and trying to sing with me. It's just precious! After we finish singing songs, you sit up and we say prayers together. You've just started repeating us whenever we pray. It melts my heart.

Once you wake up in the mornings you like to lay in bed and talk a little or throw everything out of your crib onto the floor while you wait for us to come in and get you. We usually go in about 7:45 to get you up. If you're really getting impatient, you'll start to yell for us... "maa-ma! maaaa-ma!" or sometimes "daaa-da!". Then we know we better hurry up! The new thing you do now is take your pants off whenever you wake up in the mornings or wake up from a nap. You don't take them off every single time, but you defintely will every time you have a "poopy" diaper.

This is what I found when I went in your room one morning this week. No pants on, and every single thing thrown out of your crib... your pillow, blanket, and even Cookie Monster and Rudolph who you sleep with every night.

You are very smart (of course I think so!). You know all of your colors now, even the hard ones like black, brown, white, pink, and purple. You also know how to count to 10... you haven't mastered counting objects yet but you definitely know how to say your numbers 1 through 10. You recognize the letters A and B with consistency and sometimes C and G. You're also learning the alphabet song and sound so cute trying to sing it. You know the names of all the other "students" in your class at school plus your teachers' names. You are actually one of the only ones in your class who knows and can say everyone's names. You even recognize all of your classmate's parents and call them by their child's name.

Your newest hobby is coloring. For about a week and a half you have asked to color everyday. I can't wait until you get your birthday present from Granna and Papa so you won't have to sit in your high chair to color. You mainly color in a Sesame Street fun book I found for you at the Dollar Store.

You still love to eat. I think meal times are your favorite parts of the day! You are always excited when I tell you breakfast, lunch, or supper is ready. You love every single meal we give you for breakfast. I think breakfast food is your favorite.... fruit, muffins, waffles, grits, cereal bars, yogurt, biscuits, etc. Your favorite lunch or supper food is probably spaghetti, but you also love corn (it has to be your absolute favorite side). You like almost every vegetable we give you but depending on your mood, we might have to bribe you with bread or fruit to get you to finish your veggies and your meat. For some reason, meat (unless it's in spaghetti or lasagna), is your least favorite thing to eat. Recently you've become a pretty big fan of chicken nuggets so we're grateful for that!

Yesterday you got your hair cut and you were such a sweet boy! Granna and I were so impressed with how still and quiet and patient you were the whole time. I talked to you about getting your haircut on the way to Barnesville and it seemed to prepare you for the experience. You were such a big boy and we were so proud!

We've also been talking about your birthday party and that it's going to be at Granna and Papa's house and that you'll get to eat cake and open presents. You're finally catching on and starting to talk about it. You can also tell everyone that you'll be "two" on your birthday. I'm so excited about your party and I hope it's so much fun for you!

Even though you wear me out and rarely let me sit down and I feel worn out once you go to bed, and even though we've had some battle of wills and major meltdowns that I assume are a preview of the terrible twos, you bring us more joy and laughter and happiness each day than we ever imagined. We are so thankful God blessed us with our sweet, loving, adorable little man. We love you Garrison Cade!

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