Monday, January 24, 2011

January Happenings

January has been an interesting month for us. In some ways it's been very uneventful because we haven't had too much going on, hence the lack of posts, but in other ways it's seemed really productive and almost busy.

First of all, after getting over what we think was the flu, my mom, sister, and I all went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox on the Sunday afternoon before the MLK holiday. It was really, really good! The entire cast was extremely talented and we were very impressed. We also enjoyed lunch beforehand at Mary Mack's which was very yummy. It was just an all around good time and fun girls afternoon out. =)

Then on that Monday, Terrell had the day off so we went shopping for the little man's birthday party and ate out for lunch, then came home and got to work on the guest room... soon to be Garrison's big boy room. We made the decision to move Garrison (once he's ready) to the guest room a while back. We just decided since the nursery was so much smaller that it should stay a nursery and Garrison should actually move rooms. Anyway, before we could even think about moving Garrison into the guest room, otherwise known as the Premier room, we had to clean it out. That was a huge chore I kept putting off. Thankfully since Terrell was home we were able to do a lot of it together and we actually got all of my Premier stuff moved to one of those plastic pull-out-drawer things in our hall/foyer closet. Talk about making the best use of the space we have! There is still a lot we have to do in that room before it's ready for Garrison to move in, but we made huge progress on Terrell's day off. The main things we have left to tackle are the closet and furniture. I am so excited to get to work on Garrison's room! I think it's going to be adorable. We already have a few things ready to go so hopefully the little man will be in a big boy bed before the Spring. (We sort of need him to be because any future overnight trips with the little man will have to be in a regular bed. He no longer fits in a pack-n-play comfortably!)

Lately we've been focusing on getting ready for the little man's 2nd birthday party. So hard to believe he's about to be 2. My wonderful, talented friend created the invitation for us and we love them! Everyone has received one in the mail and think they are so cute! The party has a Sesame Street theme and we're having it at my parents house this year. We figured next year will probably be his first party where we have it at a little birthday party place and invite preschool friends. This year we wanted another family party and since about 90% of our family is in Barnesville, we decided to just do it there. I'm getting really excited about it and can definitely see how easy it is for some parents to go overboard on birthday parties. I will not be one of those parents (my husband would kill me), it's just easy to see how it could get out of hand. Now we just have to figure out what we're getting him... This has been a tough decision. I think we've decided we definitely want some type of outside toy like a playground, sand and water table, riding toy, etc. The problem for us is that we don't want to spend a fortune and we just don't have a great yard for outside play. Our backyard is tiny without much privacy, and our front yard is a hill so not exactly safe for riding a toy down the driveway or front yard. Hopefully we'll come up with something before his birthday arrives...

Last Saturday night, Terrell and I had our first date of the new year. I got Terrell UGA basketball tickets for Christmas and the game was Saturday afternoon. We had so much fun. I had a show Saturday morning and once I got home my parents came over to baby-sit and we headed to Athens. We actually hadn't been to a basketball game since we were in college (at least 5 years ago). We feel like old alumni now. The game was really good and we won big. After the game we went to Loco's for supper. Loco's is probably our favorite casual slow food place that's not a steak house. We love their food and just about everything on the menu and they did not disappoint. We had a little bit of a wait but it was so worth it. We ate way too much and enjoyed talking and focusing on each other for a change. The little man had a date himself Saturday night. He went to Long Horn with Granna, Papa, and AnAn. I'm pretty sure it was a fun evening for everyone. =) I think that covers everything for this month so far. Now, it's back to planning the big party and shopping around for the birthday boy.

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