Friday, January 14, 2011

Our start to 2011

It seems like forever since I've written about anything (and I've had a really good excuse) so now that I'm up for it, it's catch-up time.

We spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Barnesville with our families like we do every year. This year was really nice because the holiday was on a Saturday so nobody had to go to work the next day. We actually spent the night Saturday night too so we could go to church Sunday morning before heading home. My parents had everyone over to their house Saturday evening for a traditional New Year's dinner and we all had so much fun... especially the little man. He had both sets of grandparents and both sets of great-grandparents giving him all the attention he could handle. I loved watching him have so much fun with everybody, even though at one point he ran around in a circle singing because he was so wound up. The dinner was delicious and it was such a blessing to spend New Year's with the people most important to us.

The weekend after New Year's was Premier's Regional Rally in Atlanta. Last year Terrell and I went together and spent the night in a hotel near the Convention Center. This year we decided it would be cheaper and probably easier to just commute. My mom came over Friday and spent the night while we attended the Rally on Friday and Saturday. Premier's Regional Rally isn't as big or dramatic or "wowing" as the National Rally, but it's still very motivational, inspirational, and Christ-centered. We were both reminded again of why we love Premier and just how different the company is. Every single person who came up to train or give a testimony talked about God's hand in Premier and how He had used their business for great things. We're both excited about what God has in store for us and our business this year.

We got home from Rally Saturday around 5:30 and were excited to see Garrison and be back at home and ready to eat our Domino's take-out for supper. (Lunch at the Covention Center wasn't my favorite, so I was starving.) Pretty much as soon as we got home I noticed that I had a little tickle in my throat that was making me cough every once in a while. I thought it was strange since it came out of no where without warning, but went ahead and prepared myself mentally for the possibility of having a cold. Sunday morning I felt a little worse and officially had a sore throat and stuffy nose. But on the bright side we were able to enjoy watching the snow Sunday night. At first it was mixed with freezing rain or sleet because you could hear it hitting the ground, but shortly afterwards it turned to pure, huge, beautiful snowflakes that were immediately sticking and starting to cover the ground. We turned on our gas logs (just in case the power went out) and I went to bed early after taking one last look at the snow. Monday morning I woke up feeling even worse and to snow completely covering the ground, our driveway, the road, everything. The bank actually closed, and that never happens. But it was a good thing because I was starting to feel more and more miserable. Terrell completely took over as Mr. Mom and played with Garrison, did laundry, prepared our meals, gave Garrison his baths, and took care of naptimes and bedtimes. Tuesday the bank was open from 11:00-3:00 but Terrell took a sick day because I literally couldn't get out bed unless it was to potty.

I couldn't remember a cold ever making me feel so bad. Terrell finally got in touch with an answering service (everywhere was closed due to the road conditions) for the Urgent Care place we like to use and the doctor he spoke with determined I probably had the flu. Oh no. Thankfully my sister was able to come over Wednesday so Terrell could go to work, and my mother-in-law came over yesterday. Today I'm feeling a little better and have a lot of my strength back but I'm still not 100%. The timing of the snow storm/ice storm couldn't have been better for us. It gave Terrell some time off and allowed Anna and Ms. Kathy the time away to come help with the little man. Hopefully I'm officially on the mend and will feel like normal very, very soon. The only thing that's made me feel worse for such a long period of time was probably the stomach virus that Terrell and I both had in November. Speaking of Terrell... I can't say enough about how amazing he's been throughout this whole week while I've been out of commission. He hasn't complained or made me feel bad about being sick, and not able to parent my child, and not able to fix my own meals, etc, etc. He has totally stepped up and I can't thank him enough. I don't know what I would have done without him this week. I guess we would have starved, drowned in laundry (and toys), and the little man would've taken over the house. Hopefully Terrell won't have to be a single dad for much longer. I'm so ready to get back to normal! Anyway, that's the start to our new year and now we're looking forward to another long weekend and I'm especially excited about going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox with my mom and sister. =)

A few snow pics...

This one is of the golf course behind our house
Looking down our street from the front sidewalk

Our house

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