Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Card & Family Pictures

Back at the end of October we had our family pictures done by my wonderfully talented friend Megan. She has been one of my besties for years and she puts her amazing talent to work for me all the time! She not only took our family pictures but she also designed our Christmas card. She really is the best. =)

We love doing a family picture on our Christmas card each year and choosing a line from one of our favorite Christmas carols. It's a fun little tradition that started back in 2009 with our very first card as a family of 3. This year's line was chosen because it's a fun song that the whole family loves. Every time it comes on the radio the whole car sings it together. Even Layton attempts to sing it! So it's a special memory I'm glad we captured on our 2015 card. 

LOVE. My family, the sentimental value of "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas", and the special location our pictures were taken. It's perfect. =)

We decided to have our pictures done in our new neighborhood and our very own backyard. And they turned out great!! Layton wasn't always easy and cooperative and I know the big boys got tired and complained at some point, but the sentimental value of these pictures was worth every second!

We have a little "community area" in our neighborhood with a small playground and small pavilion and picnic table, plus this really large field area. It was the perfect location for us! Especially since this is the home and neighborhood we plan to be in from this point forward. My babies will grow up here so that made it super special and just right for us.

The individual pictures of my boys almost brought tears to my eyes. They are so handsome and sweet and precious and wonderful. Be still my heart.

I love this one because we're all laughing hard at daddy. He really went all out for smiles this year. Dancing, jumping around, doing crazy things behind Megan's back, you name it. Haha!! I always accuse him of not doing enough behind the camera because they always do better in pictures WITH Terrell because I'm typically the one acting a fool, but this year he totally has me beat. Ha!

My guys. My favorites. 

The big boys. Best friends for life. =) I'm hoping maybe next year Layton will be more cooperative and up for a picture with his big brothers. This year it just wasn't meant to be. These two however did pretty amazing.

My littlest love with one of his most favorite things. Presh!!!

Another picture of me and my boys that turned out perfect. This one was actually taken in our backyard... a backyard that we have big plans for and that will look very different in the future. (Pool plans are still on the horizon!)

Garrison asked for a picture of just me and him. It was the sweetest. He's a daddy's boy so I was thrilled with his request. =)

And last but not least... my 3 little men. Layton is happy because he has a ball, Garrison is amused with his baby brother, and Austin is ready to tackle him whenever he gets the chance. Ha! It's the reality of life lately captured in a single picture. =)

HUGE thanks to Megan again for our pictures and our card!! We're in love. =)

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