Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015~ Part 2

Part 2 of our Christmas started around lunch time on Christmas Eve. We got home and settled in for the afternoon. We rested, we napped, we watched a Christmas movie or 2, and I got to work on making some Christmas goodies to take to our upcoming gatherings. It was probably our most laid back Christmas Eve ever. =)

Around 5:00 we got out in the pouring rain once again to head down the street to AnAn and Frankie's. They hosted us, my parents, and my grandparents and fed us chili and hotdogs. Another favorite Christmas meal for us! We had a great time together and the excitement and wildness from my boys grew by the minute. It was just a super fun night. 

All 3 boys stuffed themselves with lots of chips throughout the night... especially Layton. I think chips are what he had for dinner. It's Christmas Eve. Whatev. Ha!

We loved introducing Piper to our Christmas Eve tradition! Baby Girl didn't know everybody was coming to her house. Haha. She did great and seemed totally unphased by all the craziness. =) 

The boys always open up Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve night every year and this is a picture of me trying to force Layton to open his. Gracious. This should have been a sign to us that he would have very little interest in opening presents at all this year. 

Somehow my mom and mother-in-law picked out the exact same pjs for the boys this year! Hahaha. Garrison opened his and was like Again? The same pair? It was pretty hilarious. When they put on their pajamas at Nana's I thought they might be similar... like in color. But apparently they went shopping at the same store and out of tons of choices picked out the same pair. Haha! 

We changed the boys into pjs at AnAn's like we do every year so they'd be ready for bed as soon as we got home and then got ready for some pictures in front of the tree. Except Layton was having none of it. None. Anna took a picture of these 4 pictures straight off my camera and made a collage of them. We have laughed so hard at them. This is why you keep snapping even when the picture isn't picture perfect. #Memories

Group shot! =)
 We had the best time Christmas Eve night before heading home, putting out cookies and milk for Santa, reading the Christmas Story from the boys' Bible, and then putting everyone to bed. 

Santa had a much easier time of things this year and a much earlier bedtime. So nice!! Left to right... Garrison's, both Garrison's and Austin's, Austin's, and Layton's. 

Terrell and I have determined we have the best house and "set-up" for Santa ever! The upstairs is totally separate from our living room and where Santa delivers presents and there is no view of our family room from the stairs. It's perfect for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

The boys slept late Christmas morning and we actually had to wake Layton up but we all came down together as no one is allowed to leave their room without permission. 

My precious babies Christmas morning before going downstairs!

We had a fun and exciting morning opening gifts and stockings! We snapped a few pictures and then put the camera away. It was super special sharing all the fun in our new home. 

After finishing up our Christmas morning we went over to my parents' house for another Christmas morning. =) We ate breakfast first and then got ready to open gifts. Since it was hot Christmas Day we let the boys wear their new Hawks t-shirts from their stockings and shorts. Sigh. Such crazy Christmas weather!

Baby boy just wasn't cooperative for many pictures this year. 

We had the most fun morning at Granna and Papa's!! We were all totally spoiled and had the best time handing out presents, opening presents, laughing, and making fun memories. It was loud, messy, exciting, and MERRY. =)

After leaving Granna and Papa's we dropped a load of goodies off at home before heading over to my Nanny's house for our Christmas Day lunch with my dad's side of the fam. Other than Layton starting to melt sometime after 2:00 we had a great time enjoying good food and time with extended family.

Christmas afternoon we went home for a few hours to rest and let Layton take a late nap before going back to my parents' house for a Christmas dinner with my grandparents and aunt and uncle. We enjoyed more good food (steaks, salad, and baked potatoes this time!) and time with family. 

We were EXHAUSTED come Christmas night. We had such a full and fun few days we couldn't see straight. Haha! Terrell and I got the boys in bed as soon as we got home and then we opened our stockings from each other. That's always sort of been our Christmas night tradition. It may change in the future but this year it was icing on the cake and made us both smile and especially grateful despite our worn out and delirious state. 

Christmas 2015 was so much fun and filled with family, good food, and some of the best memories! And we are still tired. =) We are so blessed and so thankful God sent His Son!

*And I woke up every morning over the holidays praying for those in our church family, our community, and my "blog family" who have lost someone they loved or are facing something difficult. I know Christmas can be really hard some years but you are not forgotten.

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