Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites: Christmas Fun!

This was the week of Christmas parties for us! The parties have made for both a fun week and a crazy week. Several parties fell on Wednesday... plus we have 2 more tonight! We're especially thankful we've been healthy and well and able to attend said parties. We had a rough start to our week and spent a good 3 hours Monday night up with our littlest who was throwing up. It broke my heart and was just awful. =( But he's bounced back fairly quickly and the rest of us are holding our breath and praying we stay well!

Here's a look at my favorite happenings from our week...

*We've had some warmer days lately and have taken full advantage of them with outside time. I think the boys spent almost all day outside on last Saturday. BUT, it's Christmas. Come on cold front!! =)

*I made white chocolate party mix for the first time ever. Yum! It's been a delicious and festive snack for us all week.

*Saturday night we went to our church's Christmas program where our adult choir, youth choir, and older children's choir performed. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions every single year and this year was amazing. I love music, I really love Christmas music, and I really, reeeally love Christmas music being performed in our church by our choirs. It was soooo good. Garrison and Austin stayed in big church with us to watch Papa and Nana sing and our biggest penned these words during the program. Amen and AMEN. We should be praying these words daily. 

*On Sunday morning the younger children's choir, which is Garrison's choir, performed  in 2 out of 3 services. It was precious and sweet. 

After church we had a fun Happy Birthday Jesus party with our Children's Ministry. We ate pizza and the kids played Christmas games and listened to the Christmas story and then we partook of the world's largest cookies cakes. Haha. We crashed Sunday afternoon after our busy morning at church! At the party Garrison won one of the games and came home with a little play doh kit. I have a love hate relationship with play doh. It just makes such a mess! But at least the boys had fun with it. =)

*Rudolph on a school night. Sweet, sweet memories. 

*Even baby brother watched just a little!

*Austin's party at his school was Wednesday morning and they had a special visit from Santa.... who Austin was very unsure about. It took some real convincing to get him in his lap. And I must say this Santa wasn't my favorite. It was obvious he wasn't the real one. So we told Austin it was one of Santa's helpers and that made a huge difference for his peace of mind.

Austin's little class with Santa's helper. =)

*Since I had both Layton and Baby A with me at Austin's party Terrell met me there to be an extra set of hands. I couldn't have done it without him! We left Austin's party just a little early so we could get home and I could get the littles settled and ready for my mom to come over who was taking a long lunch to keep them so Austin and I could head to Garrison's party. Phew! These 2 had a ball at Garrison's party. 1st grade has just been awesome! I can't believe the 1st half of the year is in the books. I feel like we'll be preparing for high school graduation before we know it. Waaaaahhhh!

*Wednesday evening both boys had their choir parties at church and Austin's choir did a little Christmas performance for parents and grandparents. It was the cutest! I laughed and smiled the whole time. Austin Selph was a serious performer and sang his lines with serious conviction. Hahaha. Watching my babies perform is one of my very favorite things.

I was especially partial to Away in a Manger and the little motions that go with it. Presh. Go Tell it on the Mountain was another favorite. =)

*We are counting down the days til Christmas something serious at our house! Austin is borderline obsessed with seeing the number change on our chalkboard every morning. Christmas through the eyes of a child is priceless. (FYI: We are technically counting down to Christmas Eve because that's when Santa comes and when Baby Jesus was born... Christmas Eve night. This picture was taken yesterday so this morning Austin will come downstairs and immediately following our Advent calendar time he will rush to the chalkboard and say MAMA, You have to change it to the number 6!!)

*The big boys made me the sweetest Christmas gifts at school! Love!!

*Even though Layton had a rough start to the week and still isn't quite back to normal, he makes things fun every single night. Bathtime and pjs put him in the best mood. So does rocking around the Christmas tree. =)

We have a fun weekend before Christmas planned. Two parties tonight, a fairly low key day tomorrow, our Christmas lights scavenger hunt tomorrow night, and then a laid back Sunday. We are excited about the break, excited about our Christmas plans, and most of all thankful for the hope and promise and JOY we have because of Jesus. Happy Friday and Happy 1 week before Christmas!!

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