Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: Enjoying the Season Edition

This week has been pretty laid back and low key. We've just been enjoying the season with lots of downtime. I know December can have a reputation of being crazy and busy, but for our family things sort of slow down in a way. We're done with our sports season, we're home most evenings, it's dark early so we're inside early and done with baths early, and we're just enjoying more time together. My favorite! This week has been a pretty sweet one. 

Here's a look at my faves...

*Saturday night we decided to go out to eat (a rare thing for my husband to agree to when it's just us and we don't have back up, haha). He's the best for going along with my requests when they're important to me. While we were at the restaurant we were asked by at least 2 different people if we had just had pictures done of the boys. Haha! Nomamaisjustobsessedwithmatching. We did of course get a picture or 2 of our handsome loves in front of the tree before we left. =)

*The Christmas carol playing carousel is still a huge favorite around here. Especially for my littlest. 

*Sunday as we were leaving church Garrison gave me a wrapped present to open in the car. And since I figured he made it in Sunday School I was expecting a paper ornament or some sort of handmade paper Christmas decoration. But the bracelet below is what I opened. I almost cried! He was soo excited to give it to me and so proud of how much I loved it. It was the sweetest. He told me he made it in a pattern for me and that I could wear it at Christmastime and he was just so precious and thoughtful about it. After a tough morning with our biggest this was God reminding me of his big heart and sweet love of giving gifts to others. 

*Sunday afternoon Garrison and I went with his fellow choir members to sing at our local nursing home. It was a sweet blessing to me and everyone who heard them.

*The boys got an early Christmas gift from Granna and Papa! These plates have been the biggest hit!! Every single meal the big boys are picking out which plate they want. And they love them all! They're from Pottery Barn Kids and we found them on sale. =)

*Pre-bedtime snuggles are the best. =)

*The weather has been really nice and mild this week so we've been outside every single afternoon. Even though we've really enjoyed the warmer weather, we're hoping for COLD come Christmas! =)

*Layton took a little test drive in his inherited car and decided he's not quite ready to experience the thrills that come with it. Ha! He opted for pushing it around instead. 

*Rock, Paper, Scissors before Garrison had to leave for school. I love how much they love playing games. 

*To my right.... My middle. A little handwriting practice and letter sound review. 

*To my left.... My littest. A little reading while Austin works. =)

*Both Tuesday and Thursday mornings (the days Austin didn't have school) he picked out lots and lots of Christmas books for me to read to him and Layton. And by the time I finished I needed water and to rest my voice. Ha! Even though it felt like I was reading aloud nonstop for hours, it was a sweet time with my 2 littles.

*More outside time! Layton decided to camp out with mama and watch for a little bit. All the while clutching 3 baseballs. This little man LOVES balls. Soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, bouncy balls, any kind will do. I'm seriously considering this as a theme for his 2nd birthday. He is THAT obsessed. 

*The best daddy ever playing goalie. My boys are blessed way more than they know. God gave us boys because He knew Terrell Selph would be amazing. An amazing example of a father and husband, an amazing role model, a hands-on and super involved dad, the best coach they'll ever have, amazing. I love watching him be amazing. =)

*Family game night! By the Christmas lights! While Christmas music is playing! Mama's heart was full. Crazy 8's has never been so perfect. =)

*Our biggest boy started reading his Magic Treehouse library book this week totally on his own! He read in bed almost every night. He's definitely mine. =) One morning before school when it was almost time for him and Terrell to walk out the door he was engrossed in his book and totally oblivious to anything else going on. Like Austin throwing a ball into the air over and over. Haha! We're super proud of him and super thankful he loves to read.

*We have lots of presents under our tree now! Yaaaay!! Presents under the tree are one of my favorite things. It's part of the spirit of Christmas and of giving. They add festivity, they remind of us our blessings, they fill us with excitement and joy. At least they do for me. =) Lots of naptime productivity has happened here this week!

*Favorite not-pictured moment: Tuesday morning Austin, Layton, and I were shopping in Walgreens when our high school's chorus unloaded off a school bus and came in to sing for everybody. (Small town perks. =)) They sang Mary Did You Know? It. Was. Amazing. I was blown away at how good they were. That song is such a powerful one anyway, but that huge group of high schoolers singing it so well and so passionately was just the biggest blessing ever. They were awesome. I wish I would have recorded it so I could hear it again. It was a huge favorite this week.

This weekend we have lots of fun Christmas things going on! A Christmas girls night for me tonight (yay!), a visit to see Santa in the morning, our Christmas program at church tomorrow night, Garrison's choir singing Sunday morning, and if we can make it happen, A Happy Birthday Jesus party Sunday after church. We're looking forward to a great one! Happy Friday!!

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