Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Officially Summertime

It is now officially summertime for us! Garrison's last day of school was yesterday, he had his first popsicle ever the day before that, and he went swimming for the first time this year over the weekend. While I'm not looking forward to the heat and definite sweating that will take place, I am excited about our family vacation, extra time with the little man, and of course knowing that Austin will be here soon after the summer is over.

The little man enjoying a popsicle outside. (Figuring out how to eat it was quite a challenge... hence the stain of popsicle juice all over his shorts)

After finishing his popsicle (and changing his shorts) he wanted me to fill up his pool. This is a baby pool I found at Dollar General after he fell in love with one like this at school at the "Spring Fling". They had it filled with water and full of toys and he loved it... and started requesting "mama buy you pool" every single day, twice a day. We have a bigger blow-up pool for him to swim in but this one has been perfect for just playing in the water.

Yesterday was the little man's last day of school and it turned out to be sort of bittersweet for me. It actually took me by surprise when I started to feel a little emotional about it. I think I'm definitely hormonal! We've just had such a good year and Garrison had a great first experience with school and I think I got attached to his teachers and his sweet little classmates. I'm also very "type A" and love a routine but I know change is coming for us this summer. I'm excited about more time with Garrison this summer, but I'm also kind of nervous because I know I'm just going to get bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable, not to mention hot, but we can't stay inside all summer- we need places to go and things to do! (Which is why I'm going to attempt to come up with a summer calendar.... not something for every single day and not things that will take up the entire day- naptime is way too valuable, just something to fill our mornings a couple of days a week).

The other thing that made yesterday sort of emotional is that it just hit me that he's growing up and this is the cycle we'll go through year after year after year and never be able to slow down or make stop. Don't get me wrong, I want him to grow and change and learn (he can't stay 2 forever and I don't want him to), it's just a reality that catches you off guard sometimes. Yesterday was not supposed to be a big deal... until that reality set in and I was faced with that reminder again. Just looking back at his first day school made me realize how much he's grown and changed. He was only 18 months old his first day and not quite out of the baby stage yet. Now he's such a big boy... he doesn't have a paci anymore, sleeps in a big boy bed, goes to the potty, etc. We've reached a lot of milestones this school year and he has learned so much and had so much fun. I know he's going to miss it because he's already been talking about it and trying to understand what it means to not have school during the summer. Which is another reason I could have cried yesterday. I felt guilty about it being his last day of school and worried that he wouldn't understand and that he might be heartbroken over it. Oh goodness. I've got to blame that one on the hormones.

Even though yesterday was bittersweet, I'm so thankful for the great experience my little man had this year and for how well he adjusted to school and came to absolutely love school. We will definitely miss Ms. Heather and Ms. Brandi but it's reassuring to know he'll be in same place next year with some of the same classmates. And I'm so grateful that another school year is something we can look forward to... even if I will be waddling the entire first month of school. =)

My sweet boy with his very first teachers

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