Thursday, May 12, 2011

Daddy's Boy

This was so sweet, I couldn't resist. Garrison has been a daddy's boy lately and just can't get enough of Terrell. He definitely has his moments of wanting me and requesting me to do things for him, but it's like he craves the attention of his daddy more than anything. I think part of it has to do with the fact that Terrell has had to work a lot of hours lately and Garrison just really misses him (and appreciates a break from me!) and I think part of it is he's just at an age where he loves daddy and loves doing things with daddy and like daddy.

Anyway, last night Terrell, Garrison, and I all had on our flip flops. Terrell and Garrison had been outside taking Bailey out and checking the mail and I usually wear mine around the house anyway. Before Garrison got ready for bed he noticed Terrell had taken his off and left them right outside of his room. I already had mine off while I gave him a bath so mine were also right outside his room. So of course the little man had to put his beside ours. I thought it was really cute seeing all our flops lined up together. Well, this morning when Garrison woke up he noticed that his flip flops were the only ones left in the spot outside his room from the night before. He immediately starting asking about mama and daddy's flip flops and I told him I was wearing mine and I thought daddy put his up. I guess that satisfied him because I don't remember him bringing it up again. After I got home from taking him to school I was getting ready to take Bailey out and looked down to see 2 pair of flip flops side by side laying by the back door. Precious. Terrell leaves his at the back door a lot so he can put them on before going out with Bailey or taking the trash out. I'm guessing that the little man spotted them this morning and decided that his needed to be right beside daddy's. So sweet. I guess my future holds 3 pair of flip flops side by side because I'll have 2 boys trying to be like daddy. =)

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