Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things About Being Garrison's Mom

Last year I came up with a list of my favorite things about being Garrison's mom right before Mother's Day and I was hoping it was something I'd be able to do every year. I think looking back at my lists each year will show how much my little man has grown and changed. Not every day is perfect and sunny for us around here, but on the days that are more stormy and gloomy I hope that it's the simple things I've listed here that will always remind me of the blessing of motherhood and in particular the blessing of my first baby boy Garrison Cade.

*Listening to him say prayers with us (His favorite right now is "God is Great" which we say before meals, but he likes to say before naptime and bedtime too. He also likes thanking God for family members and every single piece of food he's eaten or is about to eat)

*Hearing "Kiss it, mama" when he's hurt or has a boo-boo

*Having him sing bedtime songs with me like Jesus Loves Me and Itsy Bitsy Spider

*Reading him books in bed

*Hearing "Hold you, mama" (when he's hurt, or tired, or wants to reach something in the pantry)

*Listening to him talk to family members on the phone (sometimes for play, sometimes for real)

*Listening to him try to sing the 'clean up' song when he's picking up his toys

*Hearing "Bless you, Mama" after I sneeze

*Seeing his fascination with babies

*Watching him play with his daddy

*Hearing the sound of his laughter

*Being able to have mini-conversations with him

*Hearing him say the words "Lub You" to me and other family members

*Having him remind Terrell "Mama kiss, hug" before Terrell leaves for work (He likes for us to give bye hugs and kisses just like we do with him. )

*Watching him chase and play with Bailey

*Watching and hearing him say "night, night baby" to his baby brother in my belly

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