Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Update

Since we're leaving to go out of town again today, I thought I'd check in with a little summer update. I haven't made a single picture since Terrell and I got back from our anniversary trip but I still want to be intentional about documenting the highlights and happenings of our 1st half of summer. 

*Things around here have been a little crazy. It's definitely been a different kind of summer so far. Thankfully our biggest boy is back to 100%. YAY! But that means lots of playing, lots of fighting, and lots of craziness. Ha. The fighting has been at an all time high and soo frustrating. Ugh. But then again, so has the playing. So I'm trying to focus on the positive. And not lose my mind. Haha.

*Terrell and I have been watching Designated Survivor this summer and we're hooked!! We recorded it during the Fall and saved it to watch over the summer when none of our shows would be on and we love it. It leaves you hanging every single episode so it's easy to see how binge watching can become a real thing. =)

*We've cut WAY down on electronics and "technology time" since Garrison has recovered. Yay! After going without it for a few days they almost forget about it. And they definitely aren't as "addicted" when they aren't using it as often. I'm a big believer in imaginative play and letting your kids be bored from time to time so cutting down on iPAd and Kindle time has been a good thing for everybody. 

*TV time is still a bit of an issue though. They are watching less than during Garrison's recovery but they're still pretty into it. I'm just trying to monitor the amount and keep them playing most of the day versus watching TV most of the day. I've considered requiring some reading time before screen time each day so we'll see.

*I'm tutoring again this summer and have a new student! I'm really enjoying it and still love teaching one on one. 

*I am LOVING the slower pace that comes with summer. Our evenings are soooo laid back and easy without all the school prep, extracurricular activities, and rushed bedtimes. I'm enjoying it to the fullest and savoring it!!

*I will say my bedtime has suffered some and that tends to make me sluggish every morning and mid-afternoon.... so I'll need to correct that soon. I just can't go to bed too late and feel normal the next day. Plus I'm having weird dreams almost every single night so I don't feel like I'm getting in that good, deep sleep I need. Maybe soon. Hopefully soon!! 

*Our baby boy has been talking non-stop this summer. He LOVES to talk and wins the award for most words used each day. Hahaha! He is still a big time mama's boy so most of his words are all for me. =) His little personality is so sweet and funny. I'm soaking up having every day with him at home.

*Garrison and Austin are both halfway through their summer reading for school. Garrison finished his first book report on a book he really enjoyed and flew through thanks to his recovery, and Austin is doing great with learning his Kindergarten sight words and completing his little summer reading assignment. I'm really proud of both of them.

*Last but not least, we have some exciting news to share this summer ......................I'm going to be teaching PreK for the upcoming school year!!! I am so, sooo excited!! I'm busy preparing and planning for my classroom and all things Prek! I honestly never thought I would go back to work full time this quickly, but God provided the perfect opportunity for us and we are all so thankful and looking forward to this brand new adventure for our family. I'm hoping to write more about the details of how it all came to be at some point. =)  

Have a great Thursday and a wonderful Father's Day Weekend!! 

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Lauren and Eddie said...

My boys are fighting NONSTOP, too. I've noticed that they fight less with reduced amounts of "screen time" so next week, we will be limiting that BIG TIME. Glad y'all are having a fun summer so far!