Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st School Christmas Party

Today was Garrison's last day of school before Christmas break so his class had a little Christmas Party. I was extra excited about it because it was his first one and it felt like a milestone to me. =) Today was the first of many school Christmas parties in the future. His teachers wanted to keep things simple and laid back since this is a group of 1 year olds, so they decided to do a book exchange and cookie exchange. So cute! I arrived a few minutes early (I've become the parent that I dreaded seeing as a teacher... the one who shows up early!) when they were just finishing up lunch... just in time to see Garrison going around to a couple of classmates who weren't finished with lunch staring them down and longing for their food. My child is a bottomless pit! Oh my. Anyway, he smiled when he saw me but then decided to be Mr. Independent. It's okay, I didn't take it personal. The other moms think he's just laid back and cool. =) I tried to get him to pose for a couple of pictures and this is the best one I got.

After everyone was cleaned up from lunch, Ms. Brandi and Ms. Heather put all of the wrapped books and cookies into a big box and then let each child go pick one of each from the box. It wasn't very organized because some of them wouldn't approach the box and some of them lingered at the box, but in the end each child had a book and a cookie. Garrison was one of the last ones to get his book and cookie because the book we brought caught his eye and distracted him big time. He recognized the wrapping paper before sweet little Cash had even opened the book. He kept looking at it and saying "book... book", like he was so confused. Bless his heart. I had a fear that he might have a fit over wanting that particular book so I quickly intervened and grabbed a book and cookie from the box for him. Here's the picture of him looking in at his book.

After discovering the cookie, of course he wanted to eat it while he held his new Elmo book.

One of Garrison's classmates and best buds, Tripp.

This one was so sweet.

Cash jumped in the next two. =)

While we were there we gave his teachers their gifts and told everyone Merry Christmas and said goodbye until next year. Garrison has had a GREAT first half of the school year. He loves school and always gives me a bye hug and kiss before I leave and he closes the door on me. (Sometimes he's a little too eager for me to get out the door!) He talks about playing at school and loves saying his classmates' names, especially Tripp, Cash, and Hailey. I know it's been good for him to be around his peers and just in a different environment and I'm really glad we decided to start him this year. And, I'm so excited I got to be there for his first ever school Christmas Party!

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